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Moonlight on Victorious
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Moonlight on Victorious
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John Coopey on "THE MAN"
6 hours ago

Martina McBride had it right

This day

So many celebrate

But in between complain 

Give them holidays

And they're content to stay

Stagnate and play

Why complain?

I just want change. 

I want to fight

I want to see us choose

Choose what is right

You want rights? 

Then fight. 

You can't demand your rights

Then take away theirs

Everyone even

Everyone same

Everyone allowed

To pla...

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Disney Fairy


Nancy comes in my dreams 

Like a fairy of Disney Land 

Have two wings and song 

Touch hearts with no band 


Nancy comes from the moon 

Where the lovely stars shining 

Calls me to join the song 

And to share her in the dancing 


Nancy, I love you so much 

Can you call me only once? 

Don't keep me in dreams 

Just come in real to dance 

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bandbenazouzcall joincomedanceDisneydreamsFairyheartkeeplandLikelovemoonmuchNancyoncerealshareshinesongstartouchwings

Like or not to like

I was intrigued wanted to be under him 
Now I'm over him

The one I wanted was Tay 
So happy to say 
We never did

I am done with that dream in my head

Instead I got with Richard
Now he's constantly in my head
All I want is Richard in my bed

Will he call
Thinking of ways to text 
Without leading to sex

I wanna know this mystery man
I wanna be on dates with this man

Time wil...

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Likeday dreamingmystery man

If Only I Could Take Alan's Advice

And the line from that song is my reassurance in life

 That all is ok and alright and live now

and then I just watch as unbidden

I spiral back around and then I'm lost and then I'm here

Can't I just go just let go just calm down

Can't I just watch and listen and live in my round

And here it is, my mind is just unsound

Burdened by my future that is running afoul 

It's not a ...

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