woods filled with snow

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woods filled with snow



I walked through woods

as they filled with snow

a winters walk to fill my lungs

with cold december chill


I came to a small rise

one that I did not know

where did this hill come from

how was I unaware


I looked for familiar sightings

but found none

nothing seemed identifiable


I walked to the edge of the hill

and peered over the edge

a small village lie below

smoke curled from chimneys


a small church in the distance

its steeple towering above the

other houses


a bell ringing from

the tall phallus calling

worshipers to enter the

womb for the ministers oratory


men women and children

without faces

finely dressed

came from far and near

for the morning blessing

or to relieve themselves

of the weeks guilt they

had accumulated


soon voices sang

clear as a bell

across the valley and

into the hill

where I stood


a dog trotted down the lane

past the church


I watched and waited

for the service to conclude


the snow became heavy

pushing down suffocating




I awoke on a thick rug

In front of my

roaring fireplace


realizing that a dream

had ended

but not in a good way


I did not have answers

to where the village was

who the people were

why were they faceless


why was the dog trotting

down the street


my dog came over

and licked my face

he wanted to go out


I let him out

he trotted down the street

towards a church I did not recognize



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