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Martin Elder on Forever in your eyes (Sun, 24 Jul 2016 09:01 pm)

Looking out my front window

Looking out my front window
Where the kids were playing 
The day was fine
The sun shining and clouds so blue
Not a care in the world
Clouds coming in from the west
Roaring of thunder cooling tempature
Little rain drops falling on their little noses.....
They persist with no regard of getting wet
It's getting dark now mom is calling them home
The day is almost done 
With no thoughts of w...

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Tease of Love

A taste of her hand
Hence as you bid me adieu
Leads us with l'amore


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Hearts letter

Siloute of my dear love
Be it true
Or is it was
Siloute of my dear love
Here's my hearts letter
Bleeding hearts poem
I wrote with intentions
Of keeping you home
I'd love to convince you
Day after day
How your loves fading
Fading away
But I won't let it
Be it now known
Because I know you will regret it
When your alone
It's so hard to make you see
That my world it stops
When your w...

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Winters Farming

I cannot shed 
My winters coat
At 22 degrees below
I'm still farming.....
Nearly starved last year
I know it's quite  alarming.....
But mothers says 
There aint enough
To get us through 
The winters tough
With the horses I plow away....
Into the night from start of day....
We finally got 
Our winters store
With that the horse
We plow no more
That's Winter farming....
I know it's k...

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Angels Cry

God beats down a thunderous roar
This is not the place it was before
Oh my children what has become
Oh my children what have you done
All the cheat and all the lie
Your making all my angels cry
I gave two rocks with all the rules
Yet still you treat me as a fool
Adam eve and the rule they broke
A book that my son's friends had wrote
And still I am denied my child
It makes me wanna end i...

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Angers Step Child

I am anger's step child behind the house
I'm So quiet I'm quiet's mouse
But raise a hand to me again
And I'll show you angers step childs sin
A man your not so weak and frail
You broke me sir put me thru hell
My nice is gone,my sweet destroyed
You laughed at me like your annoyed
Fret no more old me is gone
How loudly now have I become
My scared is lost,now should be you
To think of time...

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Our new leader" "

 Hilary oh Hilary
Why are you such a demon seed
You lie you cheat and also steal
How did you keep from going to jail
They fired you from the watergate
At 27 you were such a snake
Your husband Bill he ruled our land 
Puppet strings from your cold hand
Now you want a second shot
If you win then we are foked
So to my people of the U.S.A.
Vote Donald Trump to save the day
The man the myth ...

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Forever in your eyes

Forever in your eyes
On the darkness of June
Reserved for a love
Ever fleeting so soon
Valuable time,leaving us fast
Exacting us both,into the past
Reserving a night,for heavenly bliss
Into our last night,into our last kiss
Neither one of us knew,nor had a clue
Years are all we had,and would have to do
On forever love,we put up a fight
Usually people with cancer.still have a life

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Winters Moon

entry picture

Twas the end of summer soon
Whence shadows fall in afternoon
The beauty joyed by one and all
Also winter spring and fall
Summer brings a summer moon
Rainy days and cloudy gloom
Sometimes just the bluest skies
So perfect it will make you cry
Spring has showers that cleanse the soul
It brings forth life be still and grow
Born again sometimes a first
Natures nurse from winters curse

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Before it's now

Where did you learn that from
All that hate behind a gun
You were't born with rage
It came from someone of age
It's the time before yours fault
They teach,death,violence,and assault
What happened to peace and love
Being a nice person,not a thug
Happiness which now a loss
Now money,fame,being boss
Take us back to simpler a time
Where kids weren't involved in crime
But that time has pass...

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The Walk

entry picture

I'm holding her hand on the walk home
The night is young,cool breeze blowing
We talk about life and we speak of love
Then about loss and the ones up above
She shedded tears as I shed some too
The way that she cared had me so moved
As close too perfect GOD's work of art
She is so full of life with such a heart 
We get to her house,its time for the kiss
My Stomache in knots,just so nervous

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On the inside

He is quite and doesn't have much to say 
Inside he's screaming
Inside he doesn't  walk away
Yet there he sits in a corner all alone
Almost always starring down at his phone
The guy on the inside would be working the room
Inspiring the guys making the girls swoon
While the guy on the outside 
The guy that we see
Is home by himself 
Just watching t.v.
How do you break this guy out of his...

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He's hear (hear on purpose)

The shadows are pleading That come from the sky The sun is not shining The clouds start to cry The ocean is growling Something's amiss When the wind started blowing It's powerful kiss I'm in the drink Surrounded by fear Shouting for GOD Hoping he'll hear Backed in a corner A jam,now I'm spun If he doesn't hear me I'll start calling his son Then on the horizon It started to pear...

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Hope,time,and faith

All things we seek

All things we crave

How do we get our desires fulfilled

Through the mind's

That need to be thrilled

We all seek these powerful truth's

To recieve in,is to believe in

Hope,time,and faith

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The Lie

She left me
I was a mess
I screamed and I wept
It was a pity fest
She caught me in a lie
She swore she was done
Even though the lie... was a little one
I didn't blame her for leaving
Nore for being upset
The little lie I told 
The little untrue debt....
She loves me
and I love her too
Should have been honest
Should have told her the truth

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Beautiful Butterfly

Taking a break today
Everything it seems so grey 
My hopeless lover's lost
Lost hopelessly in forever
All of my love is gone
Feels like it's in a song
Can I have some back 
So I can get my life.....back on track babe
Beautiful bird's they sing
Empty wedding ring
Cross my heart and die
Your a Beautiful Butterfly

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A pretty girl

I lay my gaze upon you
Loose my breathe
Such beauty
So fair
Spent millions of moments,searching for perfect
Alas,it's finally here
How could this be such a creature
So pure,It blinds the night
Eternity loosing,a bet with forever
With such a wonderless sight
Oceans and stars
Admire you from afar
As they whisper to sand's,and wind
She has mountains shaking
And the moon's heart is break...

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The Biker

When I'm on my bike,leather jacket,shades,I feel cool....
No helmet
I wanna feel free.
Free especially from rule.
Just me and the road.
From here to there.
Sun on my face.
Wind blowing my hair
It's my true self.
So happy.
So mean.
No longer held back.
From a corporate machine.
The loud thunderous noice.
Always keeping my poise.
Sometimes I'm alone.
Sometimes with my boys.
When I'm...

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Flirting In the Rain

She wore that blue dress tonight again.
Makes my heart ache on the verge of sin.
The way it whispers on her skin.
It looks like the wind.....flirting in the rain.
Flirting in the rain on our first date.
At Stephanie's house on the fire escape.
It was the best day of my life.
Right then and there I knew you'd be my wife.
It was one more time if I recall.
Downtown at the Baybrook mall.

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Comanche man

As far as the naked eye could see.
We rode our horse comanche man and me.
We rode in snow and in the rain.
Through the mountains and grassy plain.
We forged for food lived off the land.
Like his ancestors from way back when.
Then one night we stumbled on a bear.
Thats when comanche man dissapeared.
So on my own with just a knife.
I faught this bear for my dear life.
The fight was long ti...

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Poison drinks,needles,pills,powder,smoke,the thrills that kill.Climb a mountain,run the block,jump from a plane, fall in love.Happiness,gentle breeze,baby's breathe,redwood tree's.Thunderstorm,tsunami swells,snowblind,freeze,hot as hell.This is what our mother can give,will make you die,or make you live

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Dumpster babies, dog with rabies, my flesh is burning.
Muder one, cops with guns, my flesh is burning.
Cheating whore, bloody sore, my flesh is burning.
Internet, fema tent, my flesh is burning.
Gmo's, and slaughterhouse soul's, my flesh is burning.
No faith in school, mtv's a tool, my flesh is burning.
War because my god is better.....it's really me
War because my color is better....it's r...

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Would they notice if I was gone.
It sounds just like a country song.
If they did would be relief?
Or anger,grief,or disbelief.
Was I loved before my final rest?
Be nice to know and not to guess.
Would they speak on my behalf?
Would they cry?
Would they laugh?
Or would it be an average day?
Close the box and walk away.
Well I had feelings and a soul.
Even brains,or so I'm told.
I even ...

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Drugs stole Dad

My Dad left me,twenty two years ago.
It wasn't his fault,and he wasn't that old.
Drugs came in and took him,without a word.
Didn't ask any permission,Which is kind of absurd.
My mommy was mad,and my sisters upset.
My grandma confused,with how he left.
I was his only boy,but now I'm the man.
With his shoe's to fill,or the best that I can.
Being a teen,was really hard.
Not sure how to shave...

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