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52 Hertz Competition Results

Hello all you 52 Hertz readers and writers out there.  I'd like to announce the results of our recent competition and reflect a little on all the lovely feedback I had from voters.    Not everyone chose to explain their vote, but I've included here some of the more salient comments.  If your poem doesn't feature in comments, that's not to say someone didn't vote for it - just that they were in ...

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52 Hertz



Deep within its depths

it strikes you like a chord


An aria known only to you


You follow along your path


for something to connect with


Another soul

binds you

until you break free


You are not like the others

They do not understand




are alone

feel the void

expand with every breath



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52 Hertz


He stands at the bar,

a fine specimen of a man,

a warrior,

he surveys all around him.

He's popular,

loved by everyone,

but his heart is broken,

his eyes although beautiful,

oceans of empathy,

lives sadness.

He laughs,

he tells jokes,

he smiles,

behind these things,

lives a tortured spirit,

a lost soul,

a fallen warrior.

He'd ne...

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52 Hertz

Untuned Radio (52 hertz)

Fucking hell, what is that noise?

Waves of unwanted interference

fading in and out again,

your absence is more of a presence.


Breathe deep, shake my woeful head

attempting to retune my brain

to eliminate buzzing static,

transmitting me to join the insane.


Am I crazy? Or are you thinking of me?


In the crazy way - we used to be?


© Ka...

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52 Hertz

52 Hertz



There’s a constant ache of a memory -

Your eyes, your smile and your hair;

I fell in love with a shadow,

Though, of course, there was nothing there.


The pulse of the thing was enormous

It beat in my head night and day

The piteous joke and pain of it

Was it only travelled one way.


So the pulse throbs on unabated

A secret cross t...

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52 Hertz

Listen To My Call

(sorry -can't leave my stuff alone- had to edit this cos I wasn'y happy with it)


I’m sending out a signal, sending out a call

It’s for someone I knew years ago

That’s if she’s listening at all.


Silent years, lonely years are in between us now

So let us talk, let us bridge the gap

So softly, ask me how


Send me a message, send me a signal, I’ll be wai...

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52 Hertz

The Last Song

                 THE LAST SONG



Dim are the depths and deep are the dives

As he glides on his solitary way

Through forests of fronze and rainbowed reefs

Round rocks where the guillemots play



Past silvering sands and palm dappled beach

And out to the oceans embrace

He follows the path that his ancestors took

The last of his line and his race...

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52 Hertz

The Project

The Project.



Woke up to darkness

from a restless sleep.

A dream of colour,

light and steady beat.

Alone with my thoughts,

drifting on the void

until the idea

was fully employed.



Still dark, much later,

getting what I need.

Some paint, certainly,

plaster, wood and seed.

Starlight and fire,

ice and molten r...

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52 hertzbig bang theorycreation theorythe project



(A full explanation of the mystery surrounding 52 hertz)


It`s attested scientifically


That that fish I`d had last night for tea

(Battered so deliciously)

Had now become a part of me

Sat here writing poetry.


(Sitting – as I was wont to do –

Poohing and peeing on the loo

Penning verses earnestly

To Lily, who`d abandoned me).

And down...

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52 hertz

The Lonely Willow


Willow’s over the river

A tear quietly drops

She is too tired to shiver,

Wasn’t born in a copse.


No one is around her

No one to embrace…

Only the wind has found her.

Is she in such disgrace?


How hard it is for the willow

To stay here all alone,

Looking at the swallow,

Which all the trees know.


She has no one to talk with,


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52 Hertz

The Bath

She is so tired - almost lethargic

Drugged by wet heat and sweet oil.

If she succumbs, sinks down deep

Into scented foam, will her nerves react

As water slips up her nose?

Does she have a safety system to shock her awake?

Smoke sifts insidiously into the lungs.

Would water?


She is afraid – she – who spears cold surf

Slicing into elemental thrust laughin...

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52 hertz

52 Hertz

Resonance of the ocean
courses through his being
leaping, soaring
diving, plunging
back into depths
of solitude.
Plaintive voice, soul searching song
booms through murky darkness
haunts his domain
and misconstrued.

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52 Hertz

From A High Window

Standing on the wide grey hill

The noontide skyscape hangs heavily

Like fog crafted from artists’ hands

Cities of unease hang invisible in the air.


They pour scorn on every hope in his heart

Picturing clouds unfurling with time

And shades of black rolling in on him.


A binocular gazer, from a high window

In the distance

Watches and waits, careful a...

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52 Hertz


I sit on the rustic park bench          

that gives me splinters                    

to watch the world go by.                

Families pass, as do couples         

many hand in hand                           

oblivious to my sigh.                       

The only solitary figure                     

am I on this spring day                   

I know that's how it ...

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52 Hertz

52 Hertz

It's not the days

it's the minutes.

The days can be managed

to have shape, content



But the minutes can be hell.

The wolf howls at the moon

circled by Command Module pilots

so far from humanity.

Six lonely men, enduring their forty seven dark minutes.

But even they were loved.

Their lives had flavour,

they knew the intimacy...

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52 Hertz

Of Katy and Narcissus (52 hertz)


In the gloom of dell

Command and repeat the spell

That held the blaze

Of you and me


Why did I jump so bold into your arms?



In the forest of grief

Tear and scatter the leaf

That held the hope

Of you and me


What made you torment both our souls?



In the river of vigour

Fade and smote the figure


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52 Hertz

In The Belly Of The Whale

In The Belly Of The Whale.


In a silent chamber

a disc of shining gold

has crossed the void

for thirty five years or more,

a blink in its ultimate journey

to exit the solar system

and span the galaxy.


This Voyager –

spinning, spiralling, swooping

in a cold, dark, vacuum.

Waiting to sing

for unknown creatures

at the other side of the...

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52 Hertz


I walked 52 countries wide 

my feet weary and bruised. 

i let the tide wash over them,

52 lovers all die, a muse.

With the crashing of a wave,

their indifference

to the sounds i make,

to the waves of frequency running 

through my brain.

8 hertz and 8 hurts,

A stranger

in every town,

speaking the tongues 

of the Pentecost.


i sit on th...

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52 hertz

52 Hertz

Hi Folks.  Does anyone fancy having a go at a new WOL competition? 

I'm posting a link to a newspaper article that explains the theme.  Basically, think loneliness, isolation,  alienation.   I'm sure some of us may already have drawers bursting at the seams with poems written on the subject, but if not, you can always put pen to paper or finger to key...

In case you find the whole subje...

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52 Hertz

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