The Last Song

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                 THE LAST SONG



Dim are the depths and deep are the dives

As he glides on his solitary way

Through forests of fronze and rainbowed reefs

Round rocks where the guillemots play



Past silvering sands and palm dappled beach

And out to the oceans embrace

He follows the path that his ancestors took

The last of his line and his race.



Is ancestral memory absorbed from the past

Of whalers who slaughtered his kin?

With harpoons that ripped, spilling guts, letting blood

For a gland, or a tooth, or a fin?



Does he see as he cruises the vast lonely waste

The sun bleached bones of his kind?

The carcasses rotted and scavenger stripped

The fate of his race sealed and signed?



You may hear him sometimes as he journeys alone

And sings to the set of the sun

For the saddest of sounds is the song of the whale

As he calls to his brothers long gone.

52 Hertz

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barrie singleton

Sun 27th Oct 2013 22:48

PS. Still learning to WOL. I see this won the hertz thingie. So it should!

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barrie singleton

Tue 22nd Oct 2013 02:21

HI Cate. I see your visits are rare, but thanks for nice words a few years back that I left hanging. (I wasn't giving her madge pleasure - honest. Your poem rich. Both warm and chilling.
you got it right.

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Tue 2nd Jul 2013 05:32

So solemn and sad...

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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 27th Jun 2013 22:21

brilliant. Love it.XX

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John Coopey

Wed 26th Jun 2013 23:18

Top bombing, Cate.
Wonderful rhythm,vivid images and a powerful ending.

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Wed 26th Jun 2013 12:57

Beautifully crafted Cate - I love the use you have made of assonance and alliteration.

I also love the way you have taken the theme and applied it to the plight of whales in general - taking that leap into the future, where one day there might just be one lonely whale...

Very moving. x

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