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Effect Divine

Where have the words gone?

Emptied vocabulary I wonder!

I can’t frame a single praise…

Biscuits she offered me politely

I had only peanuts to exchange.

I looked a savage in my own eyes

And she, a harbinger of change.


No thoughts about her for days together

Although she is cynosure of my eyes,

My stillness added to the inner solitude

Yet couldn’t create the effect...

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#beauty#eyes#girls #she #tale #lovefiction #women

Unkept Promise

I had promised myself

No running after the elf

However, twist of circumstances

We may have our share of differences

The heart pumped the emotions

And the mind couldn’t refute…

Even though we stood separated by distances.


There was a tussle between me and me

Me – the myself within, and the face outside – me.

We had arguments since the promise looked mock

By our pr...

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attractionfascinationgirl crush

Keep The Monsters At Bay

Ugh! Men are preposterous,

Monsters deep inside...

They show the softness on face,

But there is grin they can't hide...

Rise when they & stand by the mirrors,

The mirrors reflect their dark side,

The faces turn gentlemen momentarily,

The emotions otherwise stay dried.


Thoughts hidden and when they bleed,

Reality pours out and strikes hard...

Emotions condensed so...

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monsterspeople and actions

Notes of Inner Reflection

ow often we contemplate the role of a woman in our life? Not much perhaps because either we are usually lost in ourselves or we are part of the male chauvinism where there is no scope for a woman to enter. Isn’t that a hypocrisy? Yes it is. We are always in splits when we attribute our viewpoint for a woman. We hold ourselves in the highest of esteem and at the same time hold a different outlook f...

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Chemical Expression of Love

Iodine was mesmerized by your Copper-Tellurium image today. Throughout the day Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium showcased a Tungsten-Oxygen-Tungsten factor. Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium looked Oxygen-Neon and only Oxygen-Neon in Carbon-Osmium-Molybdenum-Sulfur.  Irony is that Iodine had a Chromium-Uranium-Sulfur-Hydrogen. Those Lithium-Phosphorus-Sulfur always weave a magic. Those eyes are magnificent to watch if...

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The Salwani Fascination

Year 2020. Most people view this timeline differently because a pessimist is engaged with everything that has had an impact. But for the one who has always been a seeker of life, fun and fascination there is a secret in every timeline irrespective of what impact it holds for people around the globe. Cosmos is a lovely place to be in where we get to see lot of our emotions engaging in multitude of ...

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#beautifulyellowyoung lady

Pink Jealousy

Rhythms of pink the color prejudiced

I looked at my heart and into two it was sliced

In the backdrop of life simple yet rustic

The girl in the display picture looks fantastic…

The factor oomph! The factual smile

She is new to me perhaps new for a whole while.

I felt I knew her but I cannot recapture any thought

I kept thinking and thinking, thinking a lot…

Utterly pretty sh...

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beautiful woman

I hadn’t thought…

I hadn’t thought…

Today the effect will be something like this in the air

I kept watching her the way she was seated

Her innocent eyes still filled with mischief

Spinning the threads of lovely magic

I hadn’t thought…

My heart will tell me in a soft whisper

“I have started beating yet again.”


I hadn’t thought…

Her face was shinning elegantly,

The air was filled wi...

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Fascination Captivated

Fascination captivated,

Novel looks activated…

The admiration button is pressed on.

Mesmerizing you and I am smitten

This spontaneous effect was never written,

It is purely an add on.


Your eyes send ripples and they softly touch

Something happens in my heart and it’s too much

My heart beats fast now-a-days when I see you.

Although there is a distance,

Yet I feel ...

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beautiful womangirl crushthat girl

Felt This For You!!

Ignored she was attention always went elsewhere,

Some said implicitly so some did explicitly so.

Mind is strange and plays games more than often

Triggering the unrest,

This time at its best and the stand did soften

It’s the rise of another jewel,

In the essence of womanhood a pure marvel.


Cords connect, so do eyes and so does mind

The restlessness has come to a standst...

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beautiful womanpretty

Three Day Illumination!

She wasn’t she when she took to yellow

She looked vivid far from being shallow

Carrying with herself a fascination

The looks exciting and cheeks speaking.

She wasn’t the one we had been knowing

That day definitely she wasn’t she

Not an ounce of the known Shehla Bakshi..


Miraculous look magnetic feel

Every beholder’s look she did steal

Like a phenomenal essence


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beautiful woman

Staying Young

How have you reversed the columns of growth?

By virtue of what have you taken this oath?

Your smiles reveal a secret tale of joy,

Quality life and beautiful youth both.


Dynamism is only a word, there is more to your face,

Or it is only my eyes that see what you showcase.

But then there is some sort of vivid exuberance,

You trek a different road, when all are in same race.


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Another Version

Lips polished by the red design,

Dove eyes talk about the beauty fine,

Intricate thoughts about you in totality,

You look like an old wine…

Taking my mind to the cloud nine.


Thy lips express the cheer,

How pretty you look! I swear.

Mannequin or the celestial nymph?

To every eye you must be dear,

Precious you, simply take care.


Your eyes are the emblem of rom...

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beautiful womancelebrityNymphs

The City of Prague

Destined travel or a stimulation,

But it was a sweet adulation…

It was on my mind, and I did go to see,

The place turned exotic, and that I agree,

My travel in no sense was a blague,

What I watched wasn’t even vague,

When I tred the streets of Prague!


       The streets weren’t the ordinary…

       A perfect design of masonary…

       Houses, buildings and monuments...

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Ahura Mazda Intervention

In the oasis beyond the sand

Where there was no trace of land,

The shade of date palm

Bore a reflection in water very calm…

Glued to the thought in the realm of a dream

Ahura appeared and directed me to a stream.


Why leaving an oasis and tread the sand,

What shall I have in my hand?

Through the scorching heat wave,

Shall I deliver and aptly behave,

Ahura’s advice...

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god of fireGods

The Nape Of Her Neck

Festivity around the scene serene full of cheer

Hullaballoo! Everyone wanted to be there

She heard the noise outside from her balcony

White shirt and black trousers she arranged her hair

The lady looked pretty as she tied her hair

Oh, how beautiful was the nape of her neck!


She went amidst the crowd

Danced and danced feeling very proud.

The fiesta continued there for s...

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beautiful woman

I Have Gotten To Know... She Is A Witch!

I have gotten to know

That she is a witch…

She entices me

Often surprises me

With her eyes she stitch…

I have gotten to know

That she is a witch!


Those eyes stare me all the time

I seek asylum away from her regime

She dots me, notes my movement

I am unable to figure out her intent

If she wasn’t spying then why this glitch?

I have gotten to know

That she ...

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beautiful woman

Corrigendum : Blue Scarf Yellow Suit

It was actually green and I hadn’t any clue

I penned down lines thinking it’s blue

Stanza after stanza inspired by the subject

Perhaps I was mesmerized, perhaps it’s true.


The subject threw light on my thoughts

And I weaved praise of all sorts.

There was a gush of guilt within me then,

While my poem had topped the charts.


Reception wrong yet the lines made some se...

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#angelbeautiful woman

नीला दुपट्टा पीला सूट (Blue Scarf Yellow Suit)

नीला दुपट्टा पीला सूट

She has got every attribute

She’s so simple yet very cute

सच बोल रहा हूँ नहीं रति भर झूठ |


आज कल खामोश सी जाने है क्यों वो

ऐसा लगता है जैसे कुछ खो गया हो

Quarantined at home no place to go

Is that worrisome or that the pace is slow

Or it’s me with my expressions mute.


नीला दुपट्टा पीला सूट

She has got every attribute

She’s so simple ...

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beautiful woman

Stay Alive!

Out of her kindness,

She extended the game of chess

Only to let me stay alive… Stay Alive!


She did make excellent moves

Picking up the best on board

Carefully strategizing

And removing my pawns…

She forced me into smart mess,

Only to let me stay alive… Stay Alive!


The queen knew the game

She set up my horses…

I lost the knight and fell to her

And sudde...

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Omen or Intuition?

Woke up half way through the dream

Thoughts partly playing a song

I wonder what had gone wrong...

Omen or intuition did make its way

Is she suffering so deep?

Wish she could open her heart!

But alas! I'm not the one she can confide in.


In such a different exasperation

I wanted to access her and ask...

But how will she see my reaching out to her,

That shouldn't be...

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Answer To Your Cries... Moon Girl!

Pierce the heart of the cruel
You will meet the force you seek
Those that are cruel won't be meek,
He shall abide,
And stay by your side...
Protect you in every duel.

All we do is cry, cry and cry...
And that's because we find none,
He who can console us when we're undone.
Apparatus for our spirit as we wish
Where's the mind wicked & childish
Who shall not fail but try, try and try.


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Dear Goddess, Mercy!

Blue thy name blue thou cosmos

Guide you’ve been, how shall I be?

Locked in solitude I miss thee

Self introspection and I see

The laughing element inside me.

Dear Goddess, Mercy!

Bless me divinity and everything fancy.

Dear Goddess, Mercy!


The Eden is full of flowers yellow and red

The trees bear fruits that God had said

Beyond the world some place unknown

I s...

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खुदाया खैर! खुदाया खैर! (Hindi)

नीला नाम तेरा नीली तेरी खुदाई

रहबर तू मेरा सहे कोई कैसे जुदाई

एक कमरे में बंद न तेरे नाम की महफ़िल

मैं झाँकू खुद में ही हो रही मेरी हसाई…

खुदाया खैर! खुदाया खैर!

मुझे बता कब होगी नयी सहर!

खुदाया खैर! खुदाया खैर!


सब्ज़ बाग़ है फूल खिले पीले पीले

दरख्तों की शाख पर फल रंगीले रसीले

बंद खिड़कियों के पीछे हूँ जैसे क़ैदी कोई

ज़िन्दगी खूब है लेकिन वक़्त के नश्तर नुकीले…


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I Am Not The Only One

Quietly she releases waves of fascination

And her aroma heals the deterioration

She whispers to my heart in appreciation

Live life the way you want… Yet she says, I am not the only one.


In the darkest of the hour she blossoms like light

No rivalry with anyone, she offers pure delight

Whoever knows her, call her divine in their own right

She tenderly touches my heart… Yet ...

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beautiful love poemsbeautiful woman


When we are fast asleep...
In the world of dreams deep,
Do you descend on earth?
To see what kind of dreams we peep.

You don't seem to be an alien but
We often keep our brains shut.
With such a beautiful mind,
O Moon.Girl! That's a feeling from my gut.

We are mere idols of sand and dust
Without compassion but filled with greed n lust
The ripples run through our conscience

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fairymoonyoung girl

She is... She is... A Plastic Doll

She wears a smile,

She carries a profile!

Look at her, she is so interesting…

She is the face, she is the charm

She is known as the new norm…

A picture of fascination,

A product of imagination,

She is… She is… A Plastic Doll.


Cheeks bright, And are they fed…

Crystal eyes and those lips red…

Colored streaks and the hair blonde.

She is the grace, so beautiful,


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beautiful womandollyoung lady

Company Culture & Values

I work, you work and let’s not shirk

Two of us together and we get the perk

I have my plate full and so is yours,

Let’s finish it without a knee jerk…

Deliver what’s expected out of us,

And when we do it, it will be called thus,



We are part of an association…

For deliberation and mutual cooperation.

Displaying commitment, zeal and energy,

Together we ...

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Her Beauty Mesmerizes

The night is blue and the crescent is red…

Those that stalk are bound to be dead.

The curse of heavens loom large,

Surges high as the nerves whisper in the head…

The gait does the commotion…

The eyes train the guns,

The hair locks opened and much more is said…

Silence creeps, the tongue stays composed;

The gusto is such that the brain is exposed.

Those kitty bows black a...

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Blue Eyed Diamond

Tumhe Dekh Ke Aaj Meri Ankh Muskurayee (Hindi)

Tere daaman par girey they chheentey muktalif rang ke

Chehrey par thi khili muskurahat aik alag dang se…

Tum se aa rahi thi sada kuchh suhani kuchh ruhani;

Rango me bheegey they lag rahe kuchh malang se…

Iss roop me tumhe dekh kar koi purani yaad aayi;

Tumhe dekh ke aaj meri aankh fir muskurayee!


Iss tarah nahi dekhi thi kabhi shayad mai ne gour kiya nahi,

Safeid resham m...

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Yad Esoporp!

Perfection exemplified!

Random access thwarted,

Opulence and munificence studded together;

Proposals all go in vain…

Outwitted in every essence,

Scrutinizing the one that’s futuristic,

Essential element is the key.


Dashing, determined and dutiful…

All inculcated in the person,

Yes! The hunt remains on.

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