Keep The Monsters At Bay

Ugh! Men are preposterous,

Monsters deep inside...

They show the softness on face,

But there is grin they can't hide...

Rise when they & stand by the mirrors,

The mirrors reflect their dark side,

The faces turn gentlemen momentarily,

The emotions otherwise stay dried.


Thoughts hidden and when they bleed,

Reality pours out and strikes hard...

Emotions condensed sometimes evaporated,

Pain inflicted with nothing going to retard...

A shoulder is sought although,

But alas! There is no guard...

Life spins and spins faster,

The grief looks like a menu card.


Tougher time if monsters unleash,

A magical halo of romance...

Being a monster he understands,

What interval its performance...

Dramatist by virtue he has been taught,

And he is the one who designs his chance...

He entices by being a fool, a joker, a writer,

To her tunes he even does a dance.


Whet every time you get to meet,

Such qualities that attract...

Those figurines are fakes inside,

And later on they make a different impact...

Hear them but don't give an ear,

Meet them with no pact...

Let such monsters stay expecting,

All you do is, do not transact.

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◄ Notes of Inner Reflection

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