Beauty - A Perspective!

Beautiful segment you look a core element,

Immersed in faith, love and sentiment,

That smile you wear is rich and aromatic…

You seem well versed and fantastic;

The vibes that you send are an enrichment.


It’s perhaps not just this recent occasion,

You surpass every time with wit and conviction,

When you reveal the beauty that you are…

It’s tremors are felt vast and far,

Not just by one or two but by the whole section.


I am sure you would turn the maximum heat on,

Through the day, dusk, night and dawn,

The mesmerizing charisma has lot to say…

You would cheer a million and make their day,

The world comes crashing, from your circle he who is gone.


This spectacular red attire of yours drew my sight,

It looks fabulous on you as you sparkle bright,

Panacea to many hearts, to eyes and minds too…

I can’t think of anyone so pretty other than you,

You are the desire, captivating the soul & the inner light.


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