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Year 2020. Most people view this timeline differently because a pessimist is engaged with everything that has had an impact. But for the one who has always been a seeker of life, fun and fascination there is a secret in every timeline irrespective of what impact it holds for people around the globe. Cosmos is a lovely place to be in where we get to see lot of our emotions engaging in multitude of disciplines and the result being a feel factor full of warmth and delight that comforts us for time immemorial. The year 2020 has been a year of search and finding for me although in a different direction something more to do with the concrete and stuff which is earthly. But in my quest for this earthly stuff I came across a mystic puzzle at one beautiful place that was surrounded by Wisteria. 


Impression created by a simple expression

I still hear her faint voice with a shrill,

She is epitome of beauty and care

Her gestures lively with a pinch of thrill.

Her execution of sorts have been masterly

She symbolizes womanhood and will;

I don’t know if she knows that she is

A femme fatale out there for a soft kill.


A pool of vibes she is the ripple within

Her eyes speak volumes that allure,

Like an ointment her presence comforts

She is a panacea – a complete cure.

I know nothing about her,

All I know is that she is a soul very pure;

Beyond the realm of life attributes

She must be vivid that I’m sure.


A persona so enriching she is that,

Her halo leaves a somewhat unusual impact.

She must be cherished by each and all

Some people carry such personality which is a fact;

Lanky tall she does enthrall captivating always

Or it’s her mannerism or the virtues of her tact

That whenever she deems it fit she is very firm

Knowing when to attract and when to retract.


I recently noted her status image besides the lake bank

Quietness she had worn but that wasn’t there alone…

The yellow color guarded her and gave her aura a lift

The otherwise married lass looked in a different tone.

Fascination is often an ornament of pretty people

And perhaps they themselves come from a divine zone;

They are sensation in their own unique ways and,

They relive the sensation whether they are known or unknown.


Strangely I admit that some beautiful magic is at work. I have never had an opportunity to meet her beyond that one particular meeting. And I am pretty happy about that too. But the magic slowly and steadily weaves itself drawing vibes and composing the frequencies into poetry as this one. May she stay blessed and the delight comes her way with all prosperity.

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Tue 6th Oct 2020 14:43

Beautiful. ❤

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