Ahura Mazda Intervention

In the oasis beyond the sand

Where there was no trace of land,

The shade of date palm

Bore a reflection in water very calm…

Glued to the thought in the realm of a dream

Ahura appeared and directed me to a stream.


Why leaving an oasis and tread the sand,

What shall I have in my hand?

Through the scorching heat wave,

Shall I deliver and aptly behave,

Ahura’s advice was no less than a call…

This pain I had to endure and enthrall.


Days and nights through the sand,

And there’s time when I couldn’t stand

But I kept moving, moving my feet.

I fell down and rolled over feeling the last beat

My eyes had shut and there I laid

In my unconsciousness a visit Ahura paid.


Whispering in my ears the secrets of the sand,

I grabbed my breath as he waved his magic wand

With an added zeal I walked where the star led me…

I don’t remember what all the nature fed me.

When the night was over and the dawn came near

The sands had disappeared gone in the night somewhere.


Lush green grass, pines, hills mountains but no sand…

It wasn’t a mirage rather Ahura’s vision grand.

I was drawn to a thick forest over the fields

Soldiers were reaping the crop laying aside their shields…

Into the dense forest when I heard the water singing,

That’s for the first time I had the vision of future upbringing.


I closed in on the mount from where I saw the sand,

Far off it laid rested without any errand.

Nearby the mouth of mount flowed a gushing stream

It was then I felt truth morphing from the dream…

Ahura’s whisper and guidance had brought me the change,

My travel from sands to the stream was an anecdote very strange.


The reverie crashed and I woke up amidst the sand,

A horde of vultures circling over me as I laid down bland…

My eyes couldn’t take the crude sun rays,

I had the fear of nearing my end days…

Suddenly there was shudder in air and the vultures disappeared…

Ahura stood in front of me and the golden words he whispered.


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Emeka Collins

Mon 8th Jun 2020 22:44

This poem is beautiful. A quest for escapism impelled by Ahuza, a being trans-terrestial.
I love the consistency in the rhyme.

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