Chemical Expression of Love

Iodine was mesmerized by your Copper-Tellurium image today. Throughout the day Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium showcased a Tungsten-Oxygen-Tungsten factor. Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium looked Oxygen-Neon and only Oxygen-Neon in Carbon-Osmium-Molybdenum-Sulfur.  Irony is that Iodine had a Chromium-Uranium-Sulfur-Hydrogen. Those Lithium-Phosphorus-Sulfur always weave a magic. Those eyes are magnificent to watch if one gets an opportunity to be eclipsed by that wonderful gaze. Iodine appreciate the fact that Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium mean no Nobelium-Nitrogen-Selenium-Nitrogen-Selenium stuff and perhaps that makes Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium all the more special. Iodine don’t know if Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium have ever tried to listen to Oxygen-Tungsten-Nitrogen Vanadium-Oxygen-Iodine-Cerium, if not do it sometime and Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium will feel the fascination Iodine dared to talk about. Yttrium-Oxygen-Uranium are far more intelligent and the opportune time will test that.


These lines may be irrelevant to you but they are every percent true.

Note:- Read the symbol of elements instead of the element name.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 27th Oct 2020 12:02

I may not understand but I'm impressed. As if Albert Einstein were
to suddenly materialise and hold forth to me in person. 😮

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