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Life Is A Slow Death (God Please Help Me)

I can't take it,

I'm only asking,

Please Lord help me,

I'm tired of relapsing,

Over and over,

My veins are collapsing,

I know you hear me,

I'm sorry for babbling,

I don't understand,

Why this keeps happening,

I'm covering the pain,

It's so everlasting,

The hurt burns deep,

It never stops dragging,

Life is a slow death,

It's truly a sad thing,

My hand...

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(Tell Me)What I Want to Hear

Please tell me if 

Please tell me now 

Have I suffered enough 

Have I fallen to the ground 

It feels like I’m falling still 


I’ve cried for help haven’t I 

Was I not that loud 

Do I even deserve the help 

Guess I’ll just shut my mouth 


I’m not okay 

Please just tell me I’m not 

Tell me 

It won’t be fine 

Admit that 

That’s alright 


I don’...

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anxietydepressionfeargiving uphopelessness

What We Leave Behind (and what we take)

You told me I was worthy of more, but always convinced me to stay


But today

Today I leave our bedroom the way it was left this morning 

Cushions and pillows adorning the bed 

we chose for this life together 

A shared bathroom that won't be shared anymore 

Two shelves, one mostly empty 

A walk in wardrobe, filled once with fabric that clothed us

Only now it is bare with...

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forgettinggiving upleavingmoving on

Chapter 19: The Death of The Rebel Kid

entry picture

The clocks have hit midnight for me 
I finally reached my end
I have nothing left to live for 
I am closer to the edge of the cliff 
And there is no rope to hold on to.

Time has run out from this soul 
I've given up on living 
But I think I was already gone.

Caught between the ups and downs 
All my faith is fading away 
Broken and alone 
The loneliness comforts my pain.

Drifting away t...

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