What We Leave Behind (and what we take)

You told me I was worthy of more, but always convinced me to stay


But today

Today I leave our bedroom the way it was left this morning 

Cushions and pillows adorning the bed 

we chose for this life together 

A shared bathroom that won't be shared anymore 

Two shelves, one mostly empty 

A walk in wardrobe, filled once with fabric that clothed us

Only now it is bare with white shirts and grey ties


I am leaving 


You once told me stand up for what I believed in

Yet when I did, you told me sit down, to be quiet, that my voice does not have to fill this room or your ears, that I did not need to be heard

Today I stood up 

From this four-poster bed like a cage around me

From this bathroom that had tiles I'd always hated

And from that wardrobe 

Once filled with the clothes that made me yours, I cut away those ties from me to you


I am more than just a body 


I now 

Have a suitcase


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Cait Abbott

Sat 20th May 2017 22:34

Thank you Jade!! Your comment means a lot to me. Colin, thank you for your words, I intended the poem to be more passive but empowering as though they had already gotten over everything and had accepted they'd need to leave rather than hatred.

Thanks, xx

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Jade Johannsen

Fri 19th May 2017 12:29

Cait this is great! I love how the poem lingers on the subject of the wardrobe.

And I have to disagree with Chris on this one - this poem is more empowering than it is sad.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 17th May 2017 08:37

great ending and i like the cutting of ties image which I'd like to think you actually did but there doesn't appear to be enough hatred in the poem (except for the tiles) to justify such an act. Interesting theme for a poem Cait. Thanks for posting.

Chris Turner

Tue 16th May 2017 18:46

Sad, but nice poem. Enjoy your site very much.


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