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Fill me.

Missing life. Empty streets. Cold hearts.

Covering your face what you once criticised on stranger's faces.


Missing love. Empty hearts. Cold air.

Covering the flowers in your heart, the strings of my guitar.


Missing music. Empty stages. Cold rooms.

Covered ears, listening to scary news, not to music anymore.


Missing passion. Empty beds. Cold skin.

Covering all lu...

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The Crucible of Change

The Crucible of Change


Somewhere, in the chaotic crucible

An idea is forming.

In the churning turmoil a star is birthing

An answer building.

In the dust of the dying world

A way can be found.

From our dark place see the future,

What can be done.

Accept that now does not work for all, 

Too many cast aside.

Relearn what’s important, what we need and

Cast asid...

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