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Could You Find Reason
With What I’ve Done,
Even If I Hide The Truth?

Would You Believe
All I’ve Become
Is Everything I Wanted To?

A Couple Times
We’ve Grown-Up
And You’re The Only One I Wanted Too.

Forever Young
Is Holding
On To You.


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Cannibal JonesRoad

Arrive Alive

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Road crashes are every minute 
Here and there, in every point 
More than a million killed a year 
And speed is death, no doubt 


“Drive Safely” is only choice 
ٍSafety belt, has no "price" 
Come back safe for the family 
We live "once", not twice 


Road is not real excuse 
But the behavior is a main cause 
For crashes all over that world 
No more anger .. no abuse


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Round route

In cloaks of words I wrap myself against the weather
Storms I conjured up as punishment.
Hands full of swords thrusting up out of the earth
The round route I take.  Gazelles return again
To the brink, to drink.  And me? To think.
So I skirt mans burning fire, hyena lurking
Laughing in the dark.  A great arc I make
Like a dim sun at the end of his leash
Scribing the day across the sky...

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For Robert Watson Not so much walking, as rocking side to side, each step an inch at most, like a wind-up toy.  It's a long hallway, but it's early yet.  Boiled vegetable puree and chicken broth again.  Everything hurts.  Most of all, the children.  Sleepless nights, unawakened days.      Brethren will come when it's too late.  there's nothing left but to linger.  The road ahead is grim, thi...

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The Road We Travel

Once i heard tell of a road in the west

one that runs for many miles.
its full of twists,
of holes,
of hills.
Of sadness and of smiles.

a road that will challenge you,
that will kill you if you falter.
a road of love and loss,
and of branches that always alter.

this road is unending tranquility,
this road is unyelding strife.

in the west it has a name.
this road its name is li...

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