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Crimson ultraviolet lust

And I could fill my head with sand

to sink to the bottom of the ocean 

And wait for it land

Then soak me up 

Like nothing more than soapy water splashed against a car

Over and over

Until we sparkle with diamonds in our eyes 

And love in our hearts


Because maybe just then

We can finally realize that all good things come to an end 

That ...

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Round route

In cloaks of words I wrap myself against the weather
Storms I conjured up as punishment.
Hands full of swords thrusting up out of the earth
The round route I take.  Gazelles return again
To the brink, to drink.  And me? To think.
So I skirt mans burning fire, hyena lurking
Laughing in the dark.  A great arc I make
Like a dim sun at the end of his leash
Scribing the day across the sky...

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no power defeats the Circle

Like warm spring rain the darke bloode flows.
Like autunm leaves bilious leathery skin dries and falls.
All thought abandoned
as imagination crawls
slow, heavy, dull, relentless
like the shadowes on the walls.
Time drags slow
emotionless yet tense
in the infernal demonic night;
it pulls with sinous and wiry strength
drips of melting wax from the candles' dying light.
Tearing at their screaming blinded eyes

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