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you know how it go(freeform)

pull out thre trigger u know how it go 

call up lil leek cuz he still got that 4

when I'm down bad I do not got nopbody

release all my problems when I drink this bottle 

still fucking hoes man I just fucked this model 

nobody know about all of my problems 

call up tequila u know she gon solve it 

I wanna stop drinking but I got nobody 

I try to reach out but they always dec...

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A Pattern of Substance Misuse in Rural Texas

You were always object lesson,
Never role model, and I only knew
I should never be like you.
Your death was early and tragic,
As expected, your last conscious
Moments spent reaching for the door
Of a home engulfed in flame.

Through tear-filled eyes,
Those who had nothing but
Criticism for you when alive
Expressed their own shock and
Grief with a final tinge of judgment.
“If it had an...

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Blunt after blunt

Beer after beer

My attempts to drown the pain do nothing as

The joy in my life slips from my grasp

Shot after shot

Numb to my emotions and logic

I’ll double down on my agony

Burn bridges half built and cut poorly tied ties

All in the name of self-improvement

Something that never comes and never will

Why would I let myself grow

When I could continu...

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I come to again

in this hotel room dark

where paranoia eats the curtains

like a fleet of moths


the wine and whiskey in my bloodstream

laying plans with my enemy hormones,

chemical defence

to make my body

shuck my soul, leave me

just another zombi

in the low sun light of day


so inviting

this annihilation



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