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1000 MILES IN 2024

They said, no!

no, you can’t!

just shut up,

go away;

they said

what they

always say,

too old,

too fat,

waste of space,

a pisspot,

a fantasist,

say voices

in my head.

I've told them,

piss off,

the first step’s

to take one,

so I took one,

I planned,

If you do not

you plan to fail,

so I got all my kit,

warm leggings

and mi...

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physical healthmental health

Sylvan Hope

tones of wooded sprouting leaves
sing the measure of the trees

they festive lift, and rustle, clap,
or silent sway, filled with sap

gorged and sated, a jewel they glow
the color of the sign to go

full of chlorophyll, the grass
screams of life as through stained-glass

filling up with greenhouse gas
while oxygen to us they pass

surrounding us with vital health
vegetation is eart...

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friends of the earthgreen planetphysical health

The Torture that is Dystonia

Trapped here, in this agony
every moment, is killing me
my spine contorts inside
hurling daggers into my side.
No escape from this cruel hell
my mind locked, within this shell
No longer can I hide
All of my body screams inside.

Excruciating pain flows through me
making it hard, for me to breathe.
The spasms contort my upper limbs
as my brains venemous tune, continues to sing

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cervical dystoniachronic paindystoniahealthill healthpainphysical healthspasmspasmodic torticollisspasms

Struggling in veins

Two hearts are beating in my chest 

one is right on time 

the other's left behind 

one is young, open and blind 

the other‘s tired, beaten and confined 

they are twins of different age 

both hunter souls, locked in a cage 

one is thirsty for blood 

the other has had enough 

though they are two 

neither can rest 

the constant battle puts both to the test 

but wil...

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heartmental healthphysical healthtorn aparttwo-faced

In a year long

I'll be laughing in the hot sun
When this is all gone
In a year long
This will be my song
I'll  finally feel strong

Today I might ache
But it will not stay
Tomorrow, I'll be okay
And one day, I pray
It'll go forever away

I'll be laughing in the hot sun
When this is all gone
In a year long
This will be my song
I'll finally feel strong

Yesterday was scary
My head tried to hurt ...

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