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Struggling in veins

Two hearts are beating in my chest 

one is right on time 

the other's left behind 

one is young, open and blind 

the other‘s tired, beaten and confined 

they are twins of different age 

both hunter souls, locked in a cage 

one is thirsty for blood 

the other has had enough 

though they are two 

neither can rest 

the constant battle puts both to the test 

but will they align? there’s not much time 

two egos in conflict, blinded by grief 

unable to let go, their aim unachieved 

the beating gets weaker 

the stream, only a trickle 

the white cells released with flags 

waving for peace 


the two blood brothers decide 

it’s too soon to leave this world behind 

before the stream gets cold and comes to a hold 

they huddle together, they‘re in the same boat

now the two forces combined 

and their egos left behind 

they beat in the rhythm of their soul 

A pack of two, they follow no master 

untamed power unleashed 

embracing disaster 


By Lasse Krey 

heartmental healthphysical healthtorn aparttwo-faced

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