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We're the throw away


The use em and lose em



Like old cars

you trade us in

for new models

After  putting 

one hell of alot of miles 

on us


One man's trash

is another's treasure


So here I sit

on the Goodwill's shelf

like the Velveteen Rabbit

Waiting for


a Real Man...


By Lynn Hahn

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Here he comes the fury beast

riding thru the wind

Thighs are beating

as is his heart

Excitement from the very start

He lives for motion

fast and free

Don't hold on to me

is his plea...



On goes his cap

then his helmet

He steps on his pedals

getting ready to run

Winding and winding

the wheels go

Sweat pouring 

from his soul...

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I needed a pillow under my head

to support me

Not to cover my face

smothering me

Can't you see 

that's what you did to me?


I did not run to be mean

or control you

I ran because I could not breath...


But I needed a pillow

so I kept coming back

Hoping you would learn

to be by my side

Equal beings

neither better or worse

Existing to support e...

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Forgiveness is my best friend

she gives such relief


Finding my best friend

can be such a challange

She often hides in the corners of my mind

plays hide and seek with my heart


It's so hard to let go

and let her do her magic

It's easier to sit in the dark closet

holding onto anger


Anger is black and painful

it takes from my soul

It lies and ch...

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Love me this way, if you love me too

Often have seen you stuck
Amid being smart and schmuck
Here’s my answer to how should you?
Love me this way, if you love me too

Wake up with me at the dawn-break
Yawn, smile and kiss my forehead
Wish a good morning before I do
Love me this way, if you love me too

Avoiding me is a gross mistake
In a quick second, respond me back
At least twice a day, say “I miss you”
Love me this way...

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Tis Christmas

thru the land

of forgiveness

and love 

We should travel


Grudges should stay

with the Grinch


If not forever

at least for today


Hold your friends

and family


Know that they

are ever so 



Let go of anger

and resentment

Enter the world

of contentment


If not forever

at least for today


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Wearing rubber boots

I open the door

what kind of horror will I face?

Never been to this place

but heard of the legend 

of Michi


A black feline


Who protects 

her dwelling

with her fangs and claws

Got to follow her laws

or swiftly be corrected 


She claimed this home

after living a life of abandoment

A feral

who was tired of the p...

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Who's driving this car!


Going down the emotional road

no one at the wheel

Not a good deal


Looking back and wishing I could

grab control

Take us where we want to go


Instead two children 

fighting in the back seat

When will we get there!

we scream


No grown up around

Minds confused

Tempers real

Tires squeal 


Going too fas...

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OK I got a bit silly with this one. A woman said that words do not matter in poems. HELP!

I wanted to blow up. Poems are nothing more than a wonderful collection of special words to tell 

an amazing story. So here is a twist on "The cat walked down the street"




The slinky slithery siamese cat slipped and slid strutting down the slippery street...

silly but sw...

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tongue twisterpoemfun


How many tears can one girl cry?


it depends on the lie...


The world is often not what it seems

Broken hearts

Broken dreams


How many tears can one girl cry?


What seems real is often make believe

a part of the truth but not complete

My heart is often not considered

I am real and my heart beats


Beauty is skin deep

The heart is deepe...

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Booties on the tree

for him or for me...


My mind is in a miasma

sight blinded

In a dream like state

trying to peek thru

what did I do

lose them along the way


Thoughts and visions begin

to dance in my mind

Pictures of him and me

I try to find


Instead nightmares

run thru my head

Lies choke me like a python getting ready to eat it's prey


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little boypoemtree


Who could have known that's who he was

a man of Grump Land


His past added up to insecurity

that came out of his mouth

in the form of lampooning

Aspersion dribbled from his orifice

leaving a need for estuaries

in Grump Land for humans

to gain protection from his salty words


Yet there was a sweet spot

amongst the weeds and storms

A place he hid from mos...

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I woke up this morning a bit confused

ready to go to the kitchen and swallow my pills

They help my mind get straight

if I don't take them by eight

it's too late


I look at the clock OH NO I over slept


My thoughts start to gather and circle my room

I try to grab one but it escapes me

Words start to play bumper cars in my head

soon it feels like lead

my mar...

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They come from far

Blind, I grown blind.

No color, no light.


Pain, I felt pain.

No matter, no gain.


Looking through the mirror glass,

things happen afar.

Taking notion of them,

as they were part.


There's no true,

there's no lie,

everything stays shy.


Scream, scream for those who can't.


Deaf, I am deaf.

No sound, no play.


Help, they need help.


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Social ObservationspoemcriticismlifeConcernpeople and actions

Repeated story

I got used to you,
now time doesn't go by without you.
I got used to you,
that I cannot even smile when you're not around.
I got used to you using,
there's no point in whining now yet I still do it.
Can't believe what I did for you,
was I just a toy?
At least you had fun,
you had a blast,
while I slowly think of every word you said.
It hurts me to see you go,
but it hurts more when you...

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poetrypoemreal life


Born into a dwelling filled with creativity in the air

she breathed it in

it was like blood to her soul

oxygen needed to support her existence


It was a time when men were men and women were women

little blending of roles


it did not fit her

it was the wrong size


She was one that needed to spread her wings

and fly with her talent

Live in a world ful...

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classicdrama queenpoem


I'll jump over the moon for you

I'll give you a diamond ring

Those were the words that went thru my head

when you convinced me to lay with you in your bed


Were they lies

Were you the wolf

looking for your lamb


You are the one

was your song

let me inside


My heart was so empty

it cried for love

I allowed you to enter

my most treasured gift


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Where were the words

why couldn't we talk

So much I wanted to say 

but the words got caught in my throat


Why did the magnet push us apart

when there were words to say


Could it be different at a different time

was it just the timing

I don't know


So awkward 

So off beat


We couldn't get the timing 

of the dance


Yet the magnet d...

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Waiting In Brooklyn

Balancing my brains with bourbon in some back-ally Brooklyn bar
nighthawks that had lost hope looking for the diner, perched in a meticulous row like tin ducks on a crooked shooting gallery on Coney Island

The fella to my right was coyly flirting with a glass of miller draft, his hands embraced around but not to tight, so that it didn’t slip through his fingersas the love of a good woman once ...

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Tom WaitsamericanaCharles BukowskiBukowskipoetrypoemBeat PoemBeatnic


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Last Night You Held My Skin Between Your Fingertips

Last night you held my skin between your fingertips;
You washed slow kisses upon my parted lips.
Last night you drew circles across my across my thighs, upon my naked knee;
And gave your closeness to me.

Last night you left lotus-marks upon my throat,
Your eyes seethed against mine, where I had grown remote.
Last night the night lengthened to conceal in billows of silk bliss
The aching me...

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Have been a mother, will I be a mom?

Whilst the squalls, ‘have been standing tall

Concerned for others, kind of mum-to-all

Once I want to kiss your divine arm

Have been a mother, will I be a mom?


‘Glistening’, I think, how would that be? 

Feeling about you growing inside me

I often roll my fingers over my womb

Have been a mother, will I be a mom?


To hold and touch, to chase and clutch

To stroll an...

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Horrible Bliss

Very surely I’ve been remiss
To imagine you, darling, like this!
Oh, the melded hours have cruelly conspired
To strand me in ecstasies of longing—which I so desired!—
To abandon me to oceans of thoughts of your kiss—
It’s a breathless caress, plunged in the shuddering abyss;
Oh, darling, what bitter elation—what horrible bliss!

I’ve made lists which contain nothing but your name!
And of ...

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The Parenthesized

Your green eyes are shining in the night of my mind
Thoughts are fading away with the dawn of your smile
Words are sailing away, papers are turning back to trees
And God is lighting his cigarette with thunder while scribbling my fate

God is a poet, I think and his words are people
But I'm parenthesized, that's why you can't read me
Stuck in arrogant sentences or thrown to the end
That's t...

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The Fish

The other night I dreamt a strange dream of a fish that I’ve been thinking about ever since
What follows below are the events.

The fish was long and silver and it lay in my arms swaddled in cloth like a child
(The fish had no name).
And though I was repulsed by it I felt deeply that it needed affection, and
Perhaps I needed the same.

So I held the fish in my arms and though it did not sp...

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I Love Too Fast

I love too fast; I want too much.
I’m awake late at night when I think of your touch—
It isn’t a virtue, I couldn’t call it such
I’m a fool; it’s a burden I must carry.

And you’re right to be wary.
I’d even call myself very
Very vain, full of airs
Caught in so many affairs—
Maybe two—maybe more.
Maybe four—it’s not true
I want you,
Won’t you kiss me?
Won’t you ever ever miss me?


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You Do Not Go From Me Violently

You do not go from me violently;
No, but silently I comprehend that—I must forget.
You do not leave me with stentorian curses,
But with empty pages of sorrow; of
Mute regret.

Now I face the days of losing you
And nights of spite.
But it is indistinct, reluctant, and not obtrusive, almost translucent;
It is light.

No, you do not leave me in bitter torment,
But only a little out of bre...

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losslove poempoempoetry

Where Is My Home Among These Mountains?

Where is my home, among these mountains?
That stretch faded and indigo blue,
From sky to sky?
That night become dark, and offer refuge to
The wistful whisper;
The bitter cry?
Did I come here to live—or come back to die?
In these mountains that I loved
Oh, it’s still, it’s still unknown,
To me, where—where is my home.

Where is my home among these mountains?
Where I lived and where I gr...

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When You Smile

When you smile,
Minutes lose all of their seriousness,
Suddenly, it starts to run on your cheekbones
As kids who are wearing the cardigans of innocence
And they quit counting the flow of life,
While your lips edges are getting close to your dimples.

When you smile,
-Especially when your eyes come along with that smile-
And when the laughs open it's wings with all of it's prettiness

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You tell me Im worthless

Tell me Im nothing

Tell me that nobody, never will love me


You tell me Im stupid

Tell me Im fat

You tell me this all from my head where you laugh


You told me to do it

Said it was best

But it broke my whole family, ripped their hearts from their chests


Now I feel revolting

I was never alone

Killing my pain, killed all their ho...

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10 Word Poem #1

I've never been one to board common trains of thought.

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A little bit of her own

Yes he has hurt her

Silence will confess mutely

Whining within, it will moan

For its, little bit of her own


“Unchecked and not-replied texts”

She educated them on his habits

Wiped briny drops; wouldn’t be shown

 Restive is little bit of her own


Deafened soul recalls the flashes

Of their frolicking oneness

Zipped them; faking smiles put on

Fidgeting with l...

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the photographs of road signs charged by light,

footprints on the dashboard

or blurred trees  stooped like men picking leaves.


Or the back of my head, the garden shed

or all the landscapes from summer days when

we turned the camera on ourselves


and photographed nothing but wind.

We send thanks

and message school friends, relatives


and people w...

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facebookmarsdenpoemsocial media1984George Orwell

A piece of a poem

Love was just a word,

Until you came along

Now it is a feeling

So fierce, and strong


So stay young and just dance

And don’t listen to the lyrics

Because life is better

When you don’t fully understand

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Seasonal Bliss

Seasonal Bliss

The days pass by

Very little has changed

You marked my whole world

Showed me more than the grey


All I have are the memories

All the good times


You showed me who i was

The me I want to be

I just want to go back

And live it one last time


It happened again

You came then you went

The days are getting shorter

The further you get


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poemno particular style

'Realisations' - available to buy now!

Hi all,

I have just released my third ebook 'Realisations' - a year after my debut ebook 'Open to interpretation' and it's subsequent second edition. It is available to buy now on Lulu via this link:

A brief preview is available for all three of my books on the website itself. Please buy a copy now and support ...

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Christian ReevePoetryEbookPoemsPoemPoetbooknewwriter

Please Don't Grow Up

We all couldn't wait

To grow up, to get out

To fully understand

What the world was about

Only to find

On the other side

The beauty we saw

As a child, had died

The day turned to night

The blue turned to gray

The innocence of life

Had faded away.

So many dreams

Now seem cast down

Remember when difficult

Meant choosing marker or crayon?

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growing olderpoetrylovepoemshort poemexperiencelife

My Misses has a Mistress

My Misses has a mistress

She comes here then and now

She always sneaks in quietly

And when she leaves she's loud

She lives here some nights

On the other side of the bed

She stays here with my misses

She lives inside her head

I watch her leech away her life

She slyly steals her smile

And when she wants to make love

She takes my misses for a while

She didn't come ...

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Thoughts about You

I remember the late nights I lay awake thinking about you.

Your smile
Your eyes
Your hair

The way you looked at me when I was heavily intoxicated.
You were laughing.
Not the “I’m sorry for you laughing”
But the genuine laughing.

(With a smile that could light up the world)

The memory makes me think we dated
But that’s a silly thought.
So many of my thoughts surrounded you.
It w...

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free versepoempoetryindie farroughthoughtsthoughts that keep you awakelove

Time Zones


I am in east of future

He is in west of past

Far across the distance

Something still connects us

Time zones changed


© Juhi Gupte

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Who am I?


A girl that has no name,

which hides her tears before the darkness of the sea; 

dusty books, lonely places

or a chair without repair    


The girl who didn’t know what to answer,

that grew up within and put beauty to suffering;

elusive, distant,

a perfume in desolation


An empty body that will never be mine;

the indecipherable colors of freedom,

a hand-sc...

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Ghosts to
my left,
Ghosts to
my right.

Ghosts in front,
oh what
a fright.

Ghosts all around,
How did I
get in this
Ghostly town?

I look at
my hand,
What is this
what do
I see?

Oh My
I can
see right
through me.

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The boy I met , the man I love

“Knees go weak or my heart pounds”
This never happens when he is around
Fingers don’t tremble but smile gets a curve
For the boy I met, the man I love
Stylishly shoves the door and enters the room
Weaves dream- threads on the thought-loom
Freezes me as he raises right brow
that boy I met, the man I love
Hands in hands, on those busy streets
Owned me in his humo...

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An Open Letter To The Occupant I & II

Good afternoon one and all!

I hope this isnt cheating as such, but I've just uploaded a two-part poem over on my soundcloud, these can be listened to either as a whole or as seperate tracks. Please find the link below and I hope you enjoy!



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spoken wordpunk poetrypunkpoemaudiosoundcloudpolitical

A Tale Of Reincarnation

6th December



There was a monk
well, a former monk
and he was handing out free cups of tea
to passers-by
As he did he spoke of
Great Energies
and letting go of material possessions.

I took him up on his offer and we conversed
but then he asked me about my job
and I ashamedly admitted that I felt down
I work for a corporation
but he held me in a s...

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poetrypunk poetryleedspoempunkcomedyhumourblack humour


A Loan Man stands


Awkwardly in a conference room

Through corrugated glass slats

Cracks reveal stacks

of printer paper, standard size

Promising- so bright and white

And towering

Taller than he

Behind which he hides.


Closes his eyes.

Hand to forehead

Elbow to stack

A prayer recited: "Is it five o'clock yet?"

"Somewhere", he thinks

And ther...

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american cultureamerican workchandra mossinecorporate culturecubiclecubicle lifecultural criticismcultural critiquepoempoetrywork life

Snake Oil Sells the Economy

From the front of the conference room

He wraps us in a voice born of the pulpit

Buttery and gravelly and low


He floats down from the makeshift stage

Tells of the flying fish

Gives us magic sunglasses

So we can see through water


He's here to talk about new eyes

To see what under(lies)


He's selling a new language

In it, we write our morality on the wall


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chandra mossinecultural criticismcultural critiquedonald trumppoempoetrypolitical


She'll take them back

The stones cut carefully and stacked against her

Her winds find ways through the cracks

She'll take them back 

All content property of Chandra Mossine

*This original poem was published by the Columbia Art League in their 2014 Interpretations collection

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chandra mossineentropynaturepoempoetryproseshort formshort poem

But not for you


Awake at an ungodly hour

Set to confront

Surreal and factual

Ways yet inept

There’s too much on plate

To be taken care of

Yeah!  I am at odds

But not for you


Drained in the drizzles

Of first rains of the season

Peacock blue kurta is drenched

For a reason

Not that those wounds are gone

Breezes be the beacon

Yeah! I am sun-dried

But dew-soaked w...

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poempoetryreal lifeexperiencelovelove lostlos angelescaliforniasadbrokenbroken hearted poem

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