Who could have known that's who he was

a man of Grump Land


His past added up to insecurity

that came out of his mouth

in the form of lampooning

Aspersion dribbled from his orifice

leaving a need for estuaries

in Grump Land for humans

to gain protection from his salty words


Yet there was a sweet spot

amongst the weeds and storms

A place he hid from most

but I saw it


He let me experience it

it was brighter than any star the Milky Way had to offer

The sweetness I felt was like an endless stream of syrup flowing into a lake of pancakes


There was a gravitational attraction

from the very commencement 

of our encounter


He did not take me to Grump Land

until I had been well introduced to his Milky Way


When we got to Grump Land I was confused

and broken hearted

he had not spoken of this place


I tried to escape but the memory of his Milky Way

made me want to stay

but I ran


What followed was a maze of confusion

as I ran thru tunnels connecting the two worlds Grump Land and his Milky Way

trying to find which was real

My hope was that his Milky Way was de facto

and Grump Land was hallucinatory

perhaps a bit too much syrup on my pancakes caused the illusion


I ran into a few Homo sapiens that inhabited in the tunnels on my path thru

I inquired for directions

there was a man at a beach that said I would find many others on my passage

that was all he could offer

At least I knew there was a way out because others had found it


but I could find no foot prints

perhaps they are endlessly traveling digitigrade in fear of leaving prints that could be found

tip toeing with calves cramping from the long distance needed to escape


While in the tunnels I would see a glimpse of his Milky Way

it gave me hope

so I would try to ascertain which direction would bring me to it

when I saw Grump Land peering thru I would sprint away as swift as my feet would take me


It seemed like I was in the tunnels for months

my stomach began to ache from famishment

but I had no sustenance to provide it relief

I had not come prepared for this journey


I did not see him while on my route

he would speak to me from waves in the air

His words were so kind and alluring 

they allowed me to rest for short stints

the slumber offered wonderful dreams but also nightmares


Who created this man from Grump Land

what made him tick I wondered


I came across a good witch within the tunnels

she was tending to her treasures of which she seemed to have many

She shared that the man in Grump Land had been born there

and was trying to escape himself but had not been able to do so yet

He lived with a family who were blind

they could see no beauty just judgement


I spent some time with the good witch

she fed me and gave me a place to doze

I was incircle by beautiful flowers one being a rose

the smell was so wonderous


I wish I could say I have found my way out of the tunnels

that would not be accurate

I have found many who dwell there

they have taken me in 

shared their tales

fed and clothed me


It's an interesting place between two worlds


I have not heard the man from Grump Land speak for quite a while

If we meet on the way out of the tunnels I hope to be able to greet him with a smile

then perhaps walk out of Grump Land

hand in hand

Make a new land filled with happiness and joy

find our way to his Milky Way


What a great ending that would be

wouldn't you agree...


by Lynn Hahn





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lynn hahn

Fri 16th Dec 2016 19:28

LOL is some little cutie trying to pull you out of it

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