Booties on the tree

for him or for me...


My mind is in a miasma

sight blinded

In a dream like state

trying to peek thru

what did I do

lose them along the way


Thoughts and visions begin

to dance in my mind

Pictures of him and me

I try to find


Instead nightmares

run thru my head

Lies choke me like a python getting ready to eat it's prey

like axes chopping up bodies on their way

to bring pain to the innocent


Want to shed my skin

so I can begin

the journey back

to the booties on the tree


Is it too late

have I been dilatory


How can I get my mind sound

feet on the ground...


I hear a faint noise

like dirt being shoveled on a coffin

it becomes louder and louder


I hear foot steps

people talking

crying begins to echo in my ears


Where am I 


it's dark and cold

I am alone


Then I hear him... a little boy

he speaks to me


You are not alone

I'm here with you

I am the one who put the booties on the tree

for you and me


I forgive you and love you


soon you will be free

No more confusion or pain or rain

just a hand to hold

I'll take you to the place that is never cold---


said the little boy who put the booties on the tree...


By Lynn Hahn

little boypoemtree




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