Who's driving this car!


Going down the emotional road

no one at the wheel

Not a good deal


Looking back and wishing I could

grab control

Take us where we want to go


Instead two children 

fighting in the back seat

When will we get there!

we scream


No grown up around

Minds confused

Tempers real

Tires squeal 


Going too fast

want to open the door

and jump out


But my heart is there

wish I didn't care

tension in my body

and in the air


No seat belts to defend us

nothing to grip on to


The pavement never ending

confused hurt feelings sending

me to a place I  do not want to go


Help me!

I scream

no one to hear me...


I want to let go

but no

I hang on like a water skier who's lost her board

lids flapping in the lake

Release your hold!

they all yell


Easier said than done


Is it a dead end street

no hope for us to complete


Will we take this to our graves

Broken hearted and alone


Will we ever graduate 

from kindergarten

Or be spoiled little brats



By Lynn Hahn






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