Repeated story

I got used to you,
now time doesn't go by without you.
I got used to you,
that I cannot even smile when you're not around.
I got used to you using,
there's no point in whining now yet I still do it.
Can't believe what I did for you,
was I just a toy?
At least you had fun,
you had a blast,
while I slowly think of every word you said.
It hurts me to see you go,
but it hurts more when you're around.
You want attention
although you never gave it,
how can you say you meant anything different
when the only thing you want is causing pain.
You brought loneliness back in my life,
everywhere you go disaster follows,
but you keep on going,
never looking back, not even once.
And now you dare stand infront of me calling me a friend,
how dare you appear before my eyes,
how dare you enter my life once more,
how dare you say that this time it'll be different,
when deep down we both know you're wrong.

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Wed 14th Dec 2016 14:07

Although it hurts I think that events like this teach us the best lessons in life. Live,love and learn!

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lynn hahn

Wed 14th Dec 2016 05:55

Wow standing in your shoes right now. Thanks for sharing this poem. Mine is "blue eyes' he haunts me from miles away. Hurts huh

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