My Misses has a Mistress

My Misses has a mistress

She comes here then and now

She always sneaks in quietly

And when she leaves she's loud

She lives here some nights

On the other side of the bed

She stays here with my misses

She lives inside her head

I watch her leech away her life

She slyly steals her smile

And when she wants to make love

She takes my misses for a while

She didn't come for pleasure

She gets off on her pain

My misses' brains a thunderstorm

And she always brings the rain

I watch my misses struggle

I grieve as I see her fight

I notice as her sunshine

Turns into darkest night

The mistress, queen of loneliness

The fearsome figure of fears

The cause of my loves' emptiness,

Her sadness and her tears

I wonder if she'll make it,

But she always makes it through

Still I ponder if one day

You'll take her home with you

And then I'll find myself

By my lonesome in my bed

You took the one I loved so much

And then you left her dead

My misses has a mistress

She's comes here then and now

Some say she's an illness

But to cure it-how?

I know she's no sickness

She kills with no one seeing

She feeds off my misses

Two entities, one being.

My Misses has a mistress

How hardly is she tame

I watch her haunt my house

Depression is her name.


◄ Far Away

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Mon 5th Sep 2016 09:31

this is a great poem your lyrics and word choice is amazing

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isaac wright

Tue 2nd Aug 2016 20:57

Thank you Carolyn, please stay tuned for more poetry and thank you for commenting:)

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Tue 2nd Aug 2016 15:20

So beautifully written, thoughtful, dope! I feel her pain

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