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This is me

It’s been 18 months since my stroke. I have improved so much but life still has many challenges everyday. I am still developing my writing using assisted technology. 



I had a stroke

I am not a stroke victim

I am not a stroke survivor 

I am me


I am a writer

I can’t hold a pen

It’s hard to tell my story

I will know when


I am proud

It doesn’t stand in...

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Wishing for me

As many of you know I was left permanently disabled by a Stroke in November last year.  It has left me facing early ill health retirement.  It has affected my ability to write, speak and move and I am adapting to a life of assistance. It’s been the biggest challenge ever.  I tried prayer, faith and hope and despite improvement I still long for the life I had before. 


I wrote this whimsical...

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The Stroke


I had a stroke on the 9th November 2017.  The staff at Derby Hospital were amazing and saved my life. For this I am eternally grateful and for the help from OTs and Physios. The Stroke Association have also been amazingly supportive. The devastating results of the stroke have changed my life so much. I am left disabled at just 46 years old and my life will have to change as I am unable to res...

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Gave Me Up To Tears

entry picture

Gave Me Up To Tears


"And all my mother came into mine eyes
And gave me up to tears."
— William Shakespeare, Henry V


The air tastes of mashed potatoes

When she looks into your eyes

And you look back at the fear and hurt

And she says she’s sorry for dragging you here

And you tell her it’s nothing

Even though you were complaining

That very same thing on the drive h...

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entry picture



no words

blood ricocheting

in all directions

going places

where blood should

smoothly flow

not rush headlong



made by sign

for dragging me

seventy miles

to see

your broken body

no words



is this it?

is this all there is?

will I live

the rest of my life


no wor...

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deathlovemotherno wordsspeech lossstrokewords

Stoke victim

Cry for help

Dusk has spent


Only ear to cry

No one thought to try


Didn’t even try

My heart has to die


Hopeless and dry

Forgiveness never lies


Come to pass

Inglorious last


Take me now

Pease of mind

Its my glory days


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