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Pangs of Legitimacy

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Take me home, please, I became overtired

With these false visions shown to me

A monastery on the coastline, I saw

Lined up against a wall, waiting to take a drink

From the well that feeds the lost souls.


Sick of the flies on the wall, they crawled

Over my skin, feeding on my own weakness

They left me naked against the drainpipe

The stone was built over me, covering


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Water Underground

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See rocks when running

Appearing like dark blue flashes

Skipping over wet sand

When counting these days

Seems only like a daydream

When I last climbed here

Clambered over these rocks

Up onto the hurtful grass

The stones are dry and still

Cracked and broken in fragments

Shaped in oddity, left alone

Beside there lay the gap in earth


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The Dream at the Party

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NB: Most 'ambitious' poem posted here so far, so please try to bear with it.  Again I shall leave it open to interpretation rather than say 'this is about so-and-so' etc.  Thanks.
The easterly breeze is quick to subside
The soft-scented summer air thickens
As I lean back and think of home
The grass beneath my feet turns dark
No attempt to block out these endless ...

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In this cold darkness
Serene and fragile, I breathe the dust
Coming from the lamp above
Floating in peace and harmony
When you come home now
A glimpse of the void, in the large gap
Left by your carelessness
Portal closes, breathe again now
Sit by candlelight
Honed by your expectation, it's come
Show me your true behaviour
Jump around...

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Futile Boundaries

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Cold bites at your heels
As you walk across the bridge
Not stepping out of turn
The same mechanical movements

The grey sky breaking in two
Reflecting the wasteland below
Broken stone and overgrown
Steeped in its own failures

Back across and now to rest
By the church that keeps silent
A tower scraping the air
Watching over you, but no more

Running now, running fast
Not ...

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Orange Garden

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Walk towards the white gates
A purity unseen, but now inside
The garden, and the grass so bright
Drifting translucent in the sunlight
A stranger comes slowly towards you
A blackened form, twisted in distortion
Takes fruit from the tree above, oranges
An offer, standing on the springy turf
An outstretched hand, take the fruit
Lift it up to th...

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2011 One Love Reggae Festival A Truthful Dishonor Not about the Reggae

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2011 One Love Reggae Festival

A Truthful Dishonor Not about the Reggae

Looking at the future with a smile! Indeed, life is filled with so many struggles so to smile is one of the only options we have as to not go totally insane. The UK 2011 One Love Reggae Festival was held in the location of Hainault Forest County Park, an area in the London Borough of Redbridge in Northeast London. Fo...

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20102011 ONE LOVE Reggae FESTIVALBorough of RedbridgeHainault Forest County ParkLONDONMel X (Mel Ruben)PassportPoetrySoul RebelStageStolen MacBook ProTruthful DishonorUSA

Africa United

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Black stars in the dark that shone so bright,

Pan continental sparks were reignited,

In a flood-lit calabash, man what a sight!

Eleven Ghanaians became Africa United.


For the global Diaspora of Africans whose numbers stretched to billions,

A short but welcome distraction from conflict and debt,

From the highest to the lowest, military to civilians,

The to...

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2010Cross Cultural PoetrySouth AfricaSportWorld Cup


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The tree's huge canopy ~
Shares its movement in the Summer breeze.
But close your eyes
And you will hear
Them speak to each other.

Two lovers fight ~
Words hurled intent to violate the mind.
But open your heart,
And you will see
The fear in their eyes; fighting for themselves.

A son cries silently ~
As his mother spits his father's name on the floor,
As his fat...

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