Futile Boundaries

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Cold bites at your heels
As you walk across the bridge
Not stepping out of turn
The same mechanical movements

The grey sky breaking in two
Reflecting the wasteland below
Broken stone and overgrown
Steeped in its own failures

Back across and now to rest
By the church that keeps silent
A tower scraping the air
Watching over you, but no more

Running now, running fast
Not looking back, keep on track
Back to what is familiar
Comforting sights and sounds

Never forget what you saw
And only to revisit the time
When you laughed in the face
Of your own fears, waste your time
Spend your time sloping around
Not taken by the sudden winds
That alter the shapes of buildings
Present things in a new light

The perspective of providence
Solitary in its significance
Sadness came to take away
The cold fear on that lonely day


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