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Taken by the heartless kiss

Hurt by lies spoken held under sheets
filled with deciet now a painful memory

soon sealed with a heartless kiss
put beneith the rubble

in search of such
truth once thought found

Broken by loss left behind
searching where right turned wrong
a love tainted by the unwilling touch
that had once graced thy brow
yet again

soon discovered the broken heart
left aside next ...

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I love Poland

This is a poem about my first trip to poland. I took a train from Warsaw to Torun (The birth place of Nicolaus Copernicus ) I was totally amased by the trains, they were like those in Agatha Christie stories. It just occured to me that the sound of the old fashioned steam train was like the word "Torun". So, say the name Torun like the chugging of a train. Insted of da.da.da.da....da.da.da.da....i...

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Also by Lenford White:

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to be nice and clean

inside a latrine

is not the way it should have been

to wipe ones underneath

with a leaf

beneath a tree

is to be truly free




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'Because we are human'

Because we are human







Stifled by time

Long and drawn out -

Well over due

It happens to many -

We see few.

Because we are human…

Setting goals, making plans

Paying bills; following demands.

Because we are human…

Reaching out, falling down

Some are saved; whilst others’ drown.

Because we are human…

Crossing oceans or

Leaning over the fen...

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Also by Belinda:

'Donald' |

Memory in Rose

Your memory
is as sweet
as a red, red rose,
and its thorns
are even gentle
against my hand.
Soft kisses of rain
fall upon each petal
as I walk away,
holding your memory
within my hands.
Kicking aside the wet earth,
I look for the spot
to place this flower
for all the world to see,
for your memory
to be forever
as the life
that you brought with you
into this world,
this place
touched sadly
by so much tragedy.

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There are days when we toy with innocence

There are days when wear despair as our clothes

Days when we truly open our eyes

Days when we want to keep them closed

Days when we have to restrain the pain from our hearts

and there are days when that pain departs

days when we feel loved in the morning when we wake

and days when we feel so far away from that love

that we just have to hold on and...

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Love is ............


Love is like the first crocus flower in spring

Hinting on what lies beneath and what new love can bring

Love is feeling the warmth, the caress of gentle breeze

Holding hands, looking into adoring eyes, kiss me please

Love is trust in a special someone to cradle your emotion

To break your valentine heart being the furthest notion

Love is the sun melting at its union with the land

Secure i...

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from Bone Tales


The dark had gone from the night


it was a sky bright as hailstones

grinding together. The food he ate

was grey, water black, his shadow

stood away from him at every angle.


He ate and ate to find something with colour

like taste had.

                         Then vomited darkness.


He ran and ran away from that place –

the empty sky inside him -

the thoughts that lit up just darkness –

he ran and ran from...

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Three Times a Virgin


Immaculately conceived.

A seven grand nose,

anti gravity boobs,

and an arse as pert

as J lo's.

She played the field

and loved to yield

to a big wad,

or hot hunk.

Fickle, she rejected

those, who lacked

what she expected.

Until her it was,

neglected and alone.

Soon she's back in clover

with a startling new makeover

and bee sting lips all pouting,

up and down.

She played ...

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I watched you leaf through the cumulus of yesterdays thoughts,

There`s a happiness missing as the smile plays truant,

Your mind crawls between the web dust and into the

cosy corner of books,

An implacable eye seeks the details in the emptiness of pages,

The stars will explain a bit of mystery for you,

Drifting into-the-wide-blue-yonder the wind throw`s

it`s howl,

torn pieces from a dr...

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Also by Neil Francis Brooks:

Ocean poem |

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