There are days when we toy with innocence

There are days when wear despair as our clothes

Days when we truly open our eyes

Days when we want to keep them closed

Days when we have to restrain the pain from our hearts

and there are days when that pain departs

days when we feel loved in the morning when we wake

and days when we feel so far away from that love

that we just have to hold on and take the love we are given

days when we pretend to be free

and days when we really do hold the key

to doors unopened before

days when we feel we can take on the world

and days where we hide in the corner

days when we appreciate the flowers and fauna

when we see the beauty of a drop of dew on a rose





days change what we think and who we are

days where we travel near and days we travel far

drink in the moments and savour the day

because its drifting away

and its all we have!

◄ warning!!!

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Daniel Hooks

Mon 28th Jan 2008 22:45

Thanks to you all for commenting!

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Zuzanna Musial

Sun 27th Jan 2008 21:03

Daniel ~ your poem sounds great! It show the appreciation for life. Each day it is a gift.
Your lines show a lot of beauty, sorrows, hope, love , passion. Days to enjoy and savor like a great food. Very inspirational and like Moxy said
"Very reflective." Thank you for sharing this great food for thought in your enjoyable poem...Zuzanna

Moxy Casimir

Sun 27th Jan 2008 16:33

Terrific lament for the passing moment -- Carpe Deum! I think it's so very strong that you don't need the last line because that's implicit in the rest of the poem. Very reflective and yet uplifting, Daniel.

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clarissa mckone

Sat 26th Jan 2008 17:01

hi daniel, this is a very nice poem!

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