A Good Age

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The birth was unexceptional

although exotic.

Happening, as it did,

in the Far East.


An exuberant early life

attracted many glances

and some comments.

Stripped off

in a few interesting places.


But then, greying,

wrinkles, sagging.

Nothing more now than

a bit of gardening

and the odd short walk

down the local shops.



blotched and fading,

it is the end.

Twenty one.

Good age for a tee shirt.

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Malcolm Saunders

Wed 2nd Jan 2008 16:20

Your computer eats too much. I bet your bird is the skinniest around this Christmas.

The tee shirt is on its way to the utility room where it can hope to serve a decade or two cleaning windows, floors and things before exiting to the garage to become an oily rag. It will probably be doing service in this capacity after I have expired and gone to fertilise a rather beautiful prunus.

Fairly good value. I got it free as a piece of advertising. Mind you, all this disgusting overconsumption is contributing to a catastrophic end to the wrold. The sweat of its makers probably contributed horribly to global warming.

Moxy Casimir

Wed 2nd Jan 2008 14:30

Missed the 'g' from 'gonzo' due to birdseed under keyboard.

Moxy Casimir

Wed 2nd Jan 2008 12:07

Doh! A fitting (one size fits all?) epilogue for the Gozo life of a Hunteresque Tee shirt. 'Hope I fade before I grow old.' Fairtrade to you, sir. Has it gone for recycling by way of shoddy or household utility rag? The seven ages of man hypered and condensed and analogied -- Tee-rrific!

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