A Right Charlie

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Dear Christopher,

your dome is lovely.

How proud I'd be,

to be Saint Paul.

Now could you just,

fix this carbuncle,

and make it fit

for us to use.

Some carvings and

some ornate windows,

topped with

gorgeous curlicues,

should turn this ghastly

glass and concrete,

into some resplendent mews.

A final point,

please make it Princely,

with feathered crests

of whitest hues.

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Malcolm Saunders

Sat 12th Jan 2008 11:43

Sir John was far too polite to call anybody a prat, let alone a royal, but he could be pretty bitchy when he liked. I think he was a great poet although I know that plenty of people are quite derisive about him.

I am afraid I am not in Sir Betj's league, but thanks anyway Ricardo

<Deleted User>

Fri 11th Jan 2008 18:22

very nicely written, that is, nice in the sense of discriminating and particular.

I think John Betj (Sir) would have been proud to have written that. A much maligned writer of particular tones of voice.
Though perhaps you are more acid - much to your advantage.

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Zuzanna Musial

Fri 11th Jan 2008 00:06

Malcolm~ Thank you for the great explanatory comment as I was not sure whom you were referring too. Now knowing this I would agree with you, as we are affected by this mess too. Thanks again...Zuzanna

Malcolm Saunders

Thu 10th Jan 2008 11:32

Thanks Clarissa & Zuzanna

The poem refers to St paul's cathedral in London designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The Charlie is Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales. He is fond of expressing opinions on lots of things that he knows nothing about. I regard him as a complete prat and it irritates me because, as a member of the royal family, he can get media coverage for any stupid thing he has to say, but because he does not have any responsibilities and he is not elected, he is not accountable to anybody and he cannot be removed from his position of influence.

The reason that I posted this poem now is that a regulatory body has recently been established for so called 'alternative' or 'complementary' medicine after lobbying by Prat Charles. In fact the poem was written long ago and refers to his comments on modern architecture. He described a modern building as a 'carbuncle' and the strong implication was that only much older styles of building had any merit. The truth is that only the good things among the old stuff have survived and the rubbish has gone. The same will happen with more modern buildings, but Charlie is too thick to work that out.

The Prince of Wales has a personal crest of three feathers with the motto of ich dien (I serve). In my opinion he only serves himself and does so largely at the expense of me and other taxpayers. I was sarcastically suggesting that he sees himself as another Christopher Wren although he has none of the knowledge to design a building at all, let alone St. Paul's cathedral.

'Ghastly' is a word that he seems particularly to like and when it is said in his peculiar, strangled upper class English accent it really sticks in my mind.

Sorry the explanation is longer than the poem.

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Zuzanna Musial

Thu 10th Jan 2008 09:29

Architecturally well described. Tried to guess where I have seen this Dome. I guess Rome would be one where they build this churches in that style. White House also and our Parliament building has similar dome too. Great write.

Thank you...Zuzanna

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clarissa mckone

Thu 10th Jan 2008 02:50

Hey Malcom, Wow nice place there !Are the gardens nice too? So tell me all about this, whats going on?New Chruch?
A final point,

please make it Princely,

with feathered crests

of whitest hues.

I like the poem but this is my favorite part.

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