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This is a poem about my first trip to poland. I took a train from Warsaw to Torun (The birth place of Nicolaus Copernicus ) I was totally amased by the trains, they were like those in Agatha Christie stories. It just occured to me that the sound of the old fashioned steam train was like the word "Torun". So, say the name Torun like the chugging of a train. Insted of da.da.da.da....da.da.da.da....its' tor-run. tor-run, tor-run, tor-run.



Torun torun, torun torun, torun torun.

Strange train with shiny emboss leaf patterned emerald green curtains hanging in furrows on either side of the window.

Torun torun, torun torun, torun torun
Cushion couched compartment with double silver rail racks on both sides for luggage

Torun torun, torun torun, torun torun
Sleeping waking, sleeping waking, a shattered suited silver moustached man, my non-English speaking ‘companion’ for the journey.

Torun torun, torun torun, torun torun
Narrow walkways outside, through three carriages and past red curtains and smokers to the café

Torun torun, torun torun, torun torun
Several long, horizontal tall tables with maroon cloths overlaid with white lacy diamonds, spread the width of the carriage

Torun torun, torun torun, torun torun
Toilets with peddle flushers and thin lids that open to expose the fast flying rail tracks beneath.

Torun torun, torun torun, torun torun
Screeching brakes, hissing hydraulics. I move forward, then back against my couch and then, stop!

I’ve arrived in Torun

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 29th Dec 2017 21:09

Many years ago a town who's name was in dispute decided to call it Tring as a chap cycled through on a "Penny Farthing".

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clarissa mckone

Sat 2nd Feb 2008 04:09

Wow Lenford..I bet that was fun ! I like trains and I have seen pics of Poland, its very pretty. Nice poem.

<Deleted User> (4281)

Wed 30th Jan 2008 02:54

Lenford- you brought a lot of memories in this writing. It happened that I was traveling across Canada by train too. But when visiting Europe it happened that I was in Warsaw then Paris on my way home to Canada, With the transfers in Heathrows Airport. Did you fly to Warsaw and then transfer there to take a train to TORUN ?
The picture of the train still reminds of the past.
Like you said from Agatha Christie stories.You are very adventurous man. And your writing amazes.Thank you...Zuzanna


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