A computer virus called love

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A computer virus called love!




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I am loading a virus onto your hard drive and your brain

Its called love and it’ll drive you insane

It’ll set fuse your megabytes together

all your wires will be set on fire

your keyboard keys will implode

your mouse will run off scared

fearing it might explode.

your monitor’s colours will go a funky shade of red or pink

you’ll feel high at times but then you’ll need a stiff drink!

your computer just wont get it

cause love doesn’t make sense

sometimes it’s a joy sometimes it’s a pestilence.

a blot on the landscape of evolution

but sometimes love is sometimes the only solution

to the problems we face

a loving embrace can help us through the day.

but anyway

love is the virus that makes us all human

I make my case.

But don’t upload it to your computer or it’ll end up in the waste

-bin with other technological things that have been thrown away

so don’t download this virus to your computer o.k!

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clarissa mckone

Mon 14th Jan 2008 15:09

Hi Daniel, this poem is nice. I think it flows fine. I think some poems are for reading in the mind and others out loud.

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Daniel Hooks

Mon 14th Jan 2008 11:24

yea that was a great line but I wander whether or not the poem flows?

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Zuzanna Musial

Mon 14th Jan 2008 04:28

Hello Daniel!!
I like the idea about the love, but stay away from computer Viruses...Smile. Great imagination in your poem!

"love is the virus that makes us all human"

I love this line- The feelings of being loved it has a healing power. Emotionally depleted from love people tend to suffer emotional problems, they are looking to escape that drinking or doing other inappropriate things to their health like drugs ..etc...Thank you...Zuzanna

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