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I vow to thee

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When on this day two seeds were sewn in this, our field of dreams

A billowing canvas of black and white awaited the touch of our artiste brushes

Upon the magic carpet woven from our love we fly in kingfisher blue sky

Our two souls together, in time, will populate this, our fallow land

Each of the crops we nurture to there full potential and harvest

Bringing forth young healthy growth upon this meadow we call home

When we grow old with grace and in style, new furrows we’ll make

For new generations to flourish, strike out for pastures a new

Whilst you and I like swallows we’ll fly to our golden sunset as one

This I vow to thee, the angel in my heart, on this our wedding day 

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Zuzanna Musial

Thu 10th Jan 2008 09:26

Hello Phil~ Your poem has very deep meaning! GREAT STUFF!

Thank you ...Zuzanna

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clarissa mckone

Thu 10th Jan 2008 02:46

Hey Phil, This is a very nice poem/vows !
thanks Clarissa

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