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 Andy is a rocking horse

He's made of wood right through of course.

This tree born life is very plain,

There is no room for any brain.

Seductive is the pretty horse.

Its movement takes beguiling course.

The graceful trot goes on and on,

But look for progress. There is none.

Look, behind the smiling face

Lie knotted cells in rigid place.

Andy is a rocking horse.

He's nothing more than downward force.

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Malcolm Saunders

Thu 10th Jan 2008 11:43

My grandaughter has a rocking horse just like this and it is lovely. As they are made from relatively fast growing softwood, there should not be any problem about wooden rocking horse production being entirely sustainable.

The poem is really about a trade union leader with whom I had particular problems. It seemed to me that he had all the thinking capabilities of the rocking horse and made just as much progress, but he lacked the beauty and the usefulness of a childs exquisitely manufactured toy.

'trot' is a rather obscure pun unless you are in on it. Horses trot of course, but rocking horses don't. This Trot is really a capital letter version meaning Trotskyist. For those who may not know, Trotsky was an advocate of permanent revolution. Far to the left of Lenin and Stalin, he was briefly the Commissar for War in revolutionary Russia before fleeing the country and later being murdered with an ice pick on the instructions of Stalin. In my youth I was a Trotskyist, but I grew out of it. Quite a lot of our leading trade unionists are still Trotskyists.

Again I'm afraid, the explanation is longer than the poem. My poems are actually seldom about what they may seem, but then that is the joy of poetry to me. You can say so many things in so few words and even if nobody, but you knows what you are saying, it can still give pleasure.

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Zuzanna Musial

Thu 10th Jan 2008 09:24

Very happy poem. I love the rocking horse. It is beautiful! Not sure what is better the poem or the picture. I think BOTH!!

Thank you...Zuzanna

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clarissa mckone

Thu 10th Jan 2008 03:15

HI Malcom, Do you think they planted any trees after cutting some down to make rocking horses? I dont know, but hes a very pretty rocking horse, Im sure some child loved him ! I had one, mine was plastic.My children had one, made of plastic.In this day and age im not sure whats worse, a plastic one or wooden?
Nice poem Malcom !

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