The hourglass

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The hourglass


Did you lose your spark to the everlasting dark?

Did you lose the light from your eyes,

in breathing those breathless sighs?

As the light in your heart dies

A painful disdain

begins to reign supreme

in the daydream that pretends to dream free

but ends with all the hellish glare of a nightmare

caught in the glimpsing cold stare of void sealed dreams

and themes of sadness and madness

caught within an enslavement

to something belonging to dishevelled hand

as time grows weary

and the sand drains from the hourglass

all you may have planned and hoped for

seems distant

resistant to your will

as your loneliness

becomes a still beating heart quiver

a failure to deliver

what is certain?

A legend or myth it’s what you have it’s your gift

A distant star, a flame

caught within a body full off pain

but in the distance hope and happiness may still be within your grasp

but will it last?

When all you acknowledge is the sadness of the cold rain.

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clarissa mckone

Mon 7th Jan 2008 02:10

Hi Daniel, this is a very nice poem!

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