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My middle name is kerching

It has a certain ring

All the cash I’m dispensing

Both teenager and sibling

Raid my banks sort coding

To get this and that bling

Wallets in for a sting

My money tree is dying

See me on the corner singing

‘The times they are a changing’

With two quid in a cup jingling


©Phil  Golding

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Daniel Hooks

Sat 26th Jan 2008 10:49

great poem phil with all those innits going around here is a poem called rebel for you!

I am a slave to conformity
A social sheep
I go with the flow
And I am not too deep
I follow the latest fashion and fads
I hate all pop music especially my dads
I am hip and happening and talking like bling
Pretending I am black innit and ting

When I get older I’ll pull up my jeans
Comb down my hair and forget my teens
But today I’ll never conform or so it seems
I’ll live life in rebellion or so it seems

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clarissa mckone

Wed 2nd Jan 2008 05:22

Very nice Phil ! This has a ring to it. I understand in a way I have 3 teenagers. I told mine years ago, I dont have any so dont ask. great poem

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