a sensitive soul just entered onto the stage wearing something silly!


I am deadly serious don’t laugh at me

If you do

I’ll think you did it intentionally

To put me down

I am no clown

I wear a frown

I try to be macho

If you laugh I’ll try to catch you

Bring you down with a rugby tackle

After that laugh or that cackle

I am deadly serious

It wasn’t just a turn of phrase

I am not just going through a phase

that I’ll get through

I am not like a teenager in a bad mood

If you laugh I think it rude

and I have taken up kick boxing

so don’t mess with me dude!

I may not be the muscles from Brussels

Or like Russell Crowe that angry actor

But if you laugh at me I’ll go off like a nuclear reactor

I hate detractor’s critics and such

If they laugh at me I won’t be able to take it it’ll all be too much

A vein will go pop in my head

The stress will kill me and I will be dead!

So don’t laugh at me unless I laugh first

Otherwise either you or I will be dead who knows who first

and my family will fear the worst

as I have been cursed with this disposition

of being sensitive for my own good!

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Daniel Hooks

Sat 19th Jan 2008 11:23

Hi Clarissa its not altogther true I am supersenstive but i don't get really angry I just become hurt I worte this poem because i wanted to take the mickey out of myself and I wanted to wirte a funny poem about that!

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clarissa mckone

Fri 18th Jan 2008 21:40

HI daniel, if this is true, your like my youngest child ! Hes a wonderful child but can get so mad hes like a little bomb. I enjoyed reading this and was reminded of some relatives now passed.Yoga may be a good class to take, need peace of mind.

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