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Ali was an agitator,

All around her grew to hate her.

A shrieking, scowling, grim dictator,

She drove quite mad her poor, dear pater.

His heart became a palpitator,

Fluttering, then stopping later.

As dad went blue, the perpetrator,

Horrid Ali, devastator,

Switched off his defibrilator.

Ali's mum then met a waiter.

Evil Ali, desecrator,

Bought a baby aligator.

Ali loved the little 'gator.

Fed him up 'til he was greater.

But every time mum or step pater,

Came close by, she jabbed the 'gator,

Ali the manipulator.

Angry, sore and puzzled 'gator,

Munched up mum and her new waiter.

Ali was the proud creator,

Of a vicious masticator.

She laughed and laughed, the little traitor.

Poor mum and dad and former waiter.

Now Ali's gone. The 'gator ate 'er.

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clarissa mckone

Thu 10th Jan 2008 03:21

This is so nice Malcom !

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Zuzanna Musial

Sun 6th Jan 2008 05:46

This is fantastic poem and would be great for the Children story book. Great write Malpoet!


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