Darwin's Daughter

Darwin’s daughter


She looks for a man with the best genes or genetics and aesthetics

Who has made millions or billions from being smart

She cares little for the poor she has no heart

She believes in euthanasia and in nazi led eugenics

She stands for capitalism for getting rich quick money is the saviour

She thinks religion is the opiate of the poor

and of no consequence to modern life

a modern life where we step on others to get by

and squash them like eggs on the road to prosperity

but she speaks with her kind of sincerity

you’ll believe her too as others do

Darwinian principles will always exist

and be ingrained on our lives

we all believe the fittest will survive

while the weak fall like prey

and Darwin’s daughter will be an advocate for the slaughter

and we stand by and watch

as guilty as her

as Darwin has his day!


please discuss

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clarissa mckone

Mon 14th Jan 2008 15:17

Hi daniel, Im the strange one here I guess. I dont buy that we wiggled out of the ocean as part fish and mutated along the way into humans.I used to believe in evolution, till I read a few books on it and found out how many bones they had to support the ape to man theory. I think they found some old bones from a profoundly retarded/handicaped person and made it all up. There is a difference in fact and theory.There is so much we dont know. Darwins theory is fine and a good conversation. AS you can tell I dont follow that theory. Nice poem!

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