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Love messes your mind

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Onto my loves the open fields a thick mist is gathering a pace

Across the hills and through the valley’s it invades my open plain

Choking off my senses one by one, clouding my judgement

Like a spinning top I turn searching for the safety of my homestead

Staggering like a Saturday night drunkard I stop momentarily to regain my breath

I inflate my lungs to their capacity allowing this smog to invade my body

Blowing like the North Wind I strive to expel this devil mist I have inside

Like the prairie grass of the old cowboys wild west, temptations roll my way

Promises of forbidden love pluck my heart stings, playing hypnotic tunes

String by string they are breaking so that forbidden love can claim its prize

My scream echo’s across the land, ‘Be gone odious demon that tempts my soul’

With precision of a surgeon the clouding mists continue to invade

The bedrock that supports my love and reasoning weakens and crumbles

Workers toil to rebuild existing and new defences higher and higher

Still the waves of emotion come crashing in, eroding resistance bit by bit

I try to erase these temptresses like a board rubber on a chalk board

As always there is the residue remains, clouding what should be clear

My resistance weakens, still I through out anchors of reality, tethering me

Only time will tell me if I stayed true to my chosen brick road

Love is true, will show you the way but other times messes your mind

©Phil Golding Jan 2008

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Philip Golding

Sat 26th Jan 2008 09:56

Thank you to all three of you for your kind words. Love is a complicated feeling to experience.

Paul I hope to cross the stage at bolton soon

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Paul F Blackburn

Wed 23rd Jan 2008 14:54

It can mess with your mind but always follow the yellow brick road and don't forget to click your heels three times and you'll get there.
Where have you been? We've missed you at both Bolton and Wigan?

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clarissa mckone

Mon 21st Jan 2008 16:36

Great one Phil, love sure does mess us all up.

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Zuzanna Musial

Mon 21st Jan 2008 02:43

Philip ~ This poem is wonderful! I like the way you presented the love and fear of being loved.
The Metamorphosis are great in your write.



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