Mind Fog

Maybe something happens

Which propagates a deep unease

That makes you acknowledge the weight in your brain

And reminds you that you're unwell again

Volumous storm clouds roll in and take hold

As well you sit with your feelings inside your head it seems as though a thousand years drift by within yourself

As you wait for the interminable unrest to pass

Lightning strikes and thunder cracks internally

A torrential rain begins to pour down washing over everything 

As it clears a thick fog settles over the moors of your heart

Then you come across a kindred soul

Your eyes connect and you both sense the sorrow and turmoil behind those eyes

You feel an understanding underneath those puffy dark circles you both bare

But neither of you say anything

As the weight of that familiar pain is all too much 

So we both walk on and continue with your lives 

Weathering the storm 

But not alone

poetrywriting poetrydepressionturmoilunease

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