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Moon.girl on Moongirl.inlove (1 hour ago)

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Moon.girl on Poetic pen (1 hour ago)

Woman incomplete

Malathi did not board the morning bus to work today.

I looked at the woman seated beside me in Malathi’s usual place.

Clad in a saree, fresh flowers in her hair, ready to tackle the long hours of work in dust and heat.

She must be around her mid forties.

Does she have a family to provide for?

Else why has she joined the wagon of the working class at the wee hours?

Does she have a...

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social stigmataboo

Have patience with our Pain

Growing up sick
You become obsessed with it
Being devoured into its pit 
Some people call it selfish
Others call it self pity 
I just call it, "trying to escape a situation most shitty"
We may seem self obsessed
But when some days you cannot get dressed
Its often a cause to become stressed
Motivating you to find your way out of this mess
Becoming a social recluse 
We are often of no use

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mental painPainphysical painpushing onsocial stigmasocial withdrawaltrying our best

Barbie Doll

~It’s scary these days what girls will do to become thinner,
drown in protein shakes, eat nothing but Vogue for dinner.
Why is the ideal woman seen as thin?
When bones visible through cling-film-like skin
is not my idea of healthy.
You can have a size zero waist but have a size zero brain.
I’m not saying that when you gain
weight you gain intelligence,
I’m saying that when you preach hate ...

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imagesocial stigma

Every Day Battles

Right now, there is a battle being fought which you won’t be aware of.
It isn’t the war to end all wars, but it’s one you will have heard of.
It’s called anxiety.
Like a wolf spider, it lurks beneath the surface of society
ready to catch its victims off guard,
often leaving their mind permanently scarred
when it chews them up and spits them out.
Worry, anguish, fear, self-doubt
seem to h...

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anxietyawarenessmental healthsocial stigma

Malefic Condescension : Grace's Parasite

entry picture

Kill off the infection,

     A belief against the invisible court of justice, Wherein love is no longer held libel as the greatest of every moment's existence value... The difference between intolerance compelled lethargic inaction versus the any second creeping essence affliction of the empathetic imagination engine must survive the spread of difference across our lives, Surmounting the conv...

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Malefic Condescension: Unto God

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I swear,

      The first hypnosis occurred as he stare down from the broken white portrayal hearted cross, An unholy smoke justification to put greed forward any cause, without delving to the bottom of a pretend whisky spine glass, where desperately intolerant profit dreams seem wasted if kept immortally repressed in a book of uncommitted commandments entitled: Equinox Psalm of Offences, neve...

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acceptanceeqaulityjutonmental healthreligionsocial commentarysocial stigmavillain of truth

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