Have patience with our Pain

Growing up sick
You become obsessed with it
Being devoured into its pit 
Some people call it selfish
Others call it self pity 
I just call it, "trying to escape a situation most shitty"
We may seem self obsessed
But when some days you cannot get dressed
Its often a cause to become stressed
Motivating you to find your way out of this mess
Becoming a social recluse 
We are often of no use
In social situations
We find ourselves failing
We ask how your days been
Then we sometimes leave you on seen
It's not that we don't care
We are just barely there
We can't escape this pain
So we find it difficult to think beyond today
For people who are rarely okay
It's our only communication, ensuring the others are safe. 

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Sun 26th Aug 2018 05:35

In this poem you have opened a psychological gate for people to walk through and to help them understand the problems of pain and its effects.Well done for writing a poetic healing verse.Keep writing.

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Fri 24th Aug 2018 16:17

Thank you M.C. Newberry. I know I have fallen flat in friendships for many, and it makes me feel awful. I just wanted to put our side out there because the understanding has to go both ways. Often I need alone time to recuperate and feel like myself again.

It's only been recently having a group of of friends with similar issues that I don't find myself fighting for friendships or explaining myself all the time. They understand social situations become difficult and that you need time out sometimes to recuperate from pain ?

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 24th Aug 2018 16:06

Pertinent & powerful in its choice of subject; something we
prefer not have to think about but a reality for many whose
lives have to be adjusted to enduring the near-unendurable
on a day to day basis. It is a worthwhile shot across our bows to be reminded that there are people living a life that
is akin to a continuous punishment that shows no sign of
being lifted or even reduced. And a lesson in the need to
understand and support the sufferers within our power to
do so.

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