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Beating myself up

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Is there something wrong with you?

Here we are again, back at square fucking one.

All because poor little cameron can’t seem to control his feelings.


Do you have a few loose screws?

You literally choose to love people who just don’t care.

And when you cry at night, does it feel good?

Relapse, do you think you should?

Because as far as I can tell,

You’re going t...

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Entirety (The Whole)

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The sights of ourselves still shape us to divide,
immediate response to the craves and madness,
we feel the way we feel but tonight it's you inside,
burried in the senses out of the lightness.

And days are still days but the trouble collides,
for all the reasons we chose not to revile,
and all our fears, childlish alike,
echoing through our minds, rejecting denial.

Stay where you are a...

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And tides are still the same as they were,
fluid numbers, one piece in folded milions,
telling us why we all need to reach the bottom,
embracing drops of broken brilliance.

Wait until it all comes down,
your whispers rest in front of the broken Avalon,
inside our shell is something we all found,
blue-red pictures reflected by the dawn.

And tides are still the same as they were,

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