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I didnt do it

That pain in your chest when your crying at night tears pure white 

Show me the pain and insecurities you continue to shoulder 

So i can come in like the rude friend that doesnt ask to come over 

Knock shit over

Running in the dark until I fall off the worlds edge whose missing me anyway

I think about that everyday falling asleep waking up still in darkness 

Trying to harness 


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As dark as the night

This is how their eyes look like.

They told me once

Sad eyes are coal black.

From crime to punishment

They got used to travelling

Hand in hand with the act of crying.

As deep as the sea

This is how they look at the pain.

Just like the drops of the rain

This is how they shed tears

Behind the bars.

No need to use fancy words

To tell the sto...

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The rythm of life

The heart purity is a mind of understanding an wisdom nit in anger but in love an truth 

The life of men are sometimes jugde for emotional weakness but the strength us in the emotion we feel 

The body of the soul is like water that asorb the memory of the life we live 

The fear of it an not knowing are the understandable of other is the  greatest fear of men 

The fear of many is the ab...

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In 10 years

I hate the question where do you see yourself in 10 years

To be frank some days I don’t see myself being here

Weather I am the one to pull the trigger

Or a spare of the moment accident

is the one to cause me to take my final breath

I believe in my final breathes I could peace within myself

But there are some days

where I just want to say that only happiness will be in my life


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sad poetry

Cigarretes In The Mirror

Tell me where you'll go with all your burns,
reserve smile whispering the truth,
vanishing without a trail every time as she turns,
old age burdain and transient youth.

Blue as neverending sea,
light and blue
all I ever needed,
all I've never proved,
all I ever needed,
light and blue,
blue as neverending sea.

Don't tell me why have you returned with all your burns,
visible frown as...

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