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Beating myself up

Is there something wrong with you?

Here we are again, back at square fucking one.

All because poor little cameron can’t seem to control his feelings.


Do you have a few loose screws?

You literally choose to love people who just don’t care.

And when you cry at night, does it feel good?

Relapse, do you think you should?

Because as far as I can tell,

You’re going t...

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what loving you was like

Honestly, I don’t think I want to even write this poem.

Because as soon as I begin, I will fall for you all over again.

It’s ironic how much I loved you when I didn’t love myself.

I feel like all the words, all the phrases, everything you said, 

It was all a sick joke.

Loving you felt good, and when I believed you loved me too, I felt okay.

But now I portray that I am okay, 


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so cruel when in love we hurt us please stop

If it ain't you

If it ain't you

I don't want anyone else.

I don't want to wake up with somebody other than you next to me.

I want every day, every step I take, 

Every breath that is inhaled into my lungs,

Is dedicated to you.

And I don't want anything but your honest love in return.

I know I don't have much to offer,

I'm not the tallest,

The toughest, 

Or even the cutest.

But what...

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