When You've Took Away All My Will Power

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{When You've Took Away All My Will Power}




When you've took away

all of my will power as a 

human being and as a

woman as well I have 

lost my dignity I feel 

ashamed of myself

constantly I feel like that

I have to hide my real

self and I have to hide

my face and my body

from everyone because

I might not meet their

standards and that you

might consider me to

be ugly and you might

consider me to be a

woman who isn't the

size you think that

I should be 




But I have been judged

my entire life I have

been belittled my entire

life from my friend's

and by my own family

because they merely

do not understand

me and if they do not see

the real beauty hiding

beneath the rough

layers of her making

her a rare rough

diamond that needs to

be picked up and wiped

off so she can shine

like she always has

even though other's

may say otherwise

about her beautiful beauty

and she does feel so

ashamed that she hides

her beauty because

everyone says that

she's not beautiful and

she's only merely a

waste of space taken

up a little time and a

little space of this

place and for the rough

diamond to die alone 

without anyone or ever

being loved unconditionally 




And so many tears that

she has cried throughout

her whole life time because

she feels like an outcast

she feels like the ugly

duckling that people

always make fun of her

and they still do today

because they do not

understand what a

true beauty that she

has because they don't

want to take the time

and brush that rough

diamond off to see the

beauty that was shining

through all the layers

that she has because

she feels so ashamed

of herself because of

people's words and

cowardly actions that

destroy her little by little

until there's nothing left

of this beautiful diamond

that's staying hidden

beneath the layers of her 



And as the ashamed

little rough diamond

will fade away like the

world never knew her

or needed to see her

beauty and what she

had to offer them

because they wanted

to blinded by their

own selfish stupidity

that kept trying to

destroy the rough

diamond that was just

waiting to shine through

to the world around her 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer March 11,2018 

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Tina Glover

Mon 12th Mar 2018 02:43

Thank you Anya for your on feedback and saying that I have a kind soul bless you and I appreciate the feedback on this piece

Tina x

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Tina Glover

Mon 12th Mar 2018 02:42

Thank you Hannah Collins and yes I do agree with your comment and I'm glad you liked this sad piece and yes this is an important statement that most will write or share but thank you for your kind words!

And I always appreciate the feedback on my writing!

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Hannah Collins

Sun 11th Mar 2018 11:20

This is very sad and of course there is a true beauty there, beautifully expressed.
The poem is an important statement.


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