A Passing Thought

Where now you keep your things
Shall all be empty.
Where cleared for you, a space,
Shall be an eerie gap
In all our lives, when you move on.

The essence of your favourite spray
Shall linger, strong;
A poignant reminder of where you used to sleep.
The sadness and the gladness are as one;
Knowing that you'll leave here to be free.

And so it is with all the memories;
Each individual, that we come to love.
How we both miss, and wish them well.
How we are glad, for what they have become.

And then another joins us in their place;
To build a life, or sometimes to escape it.
Weak at first, soon they too grow strong,
And as before, the story is the same.

Remember here you'll always have a place
In heart and thought, long after you are gone,
And that you'll have a mention in our prayers
To keep you Well and Happy, Safe and Strong.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Tue 8th Jun 2021 00:00

Thank you Stephen, Leon, and Nigel for your comments

Leon the poem would suit a caring foster home too, or a shelter, but in this case it was a hospital ward (details noted at base of previous poem 'Naomi and I')

Nigel I am particularly good at remembering where things happen, such a conversation was in the hallway..., such a person was sat on the sofa when they said...., this is the bus stop where I thought up that song/dance/game etc.. sometimes it can be refreshing to be somewhere that there aren't memories already floating about, but other times it is really nice to recollect some things so clearly.

Thanks also to everyone who has clicked 'Like' for this poem

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Nigel Astell

Mon 7th Jun 2021 19:45

a space once filled is still
now it holds a memory.

<Deleted User> (30611)

Mon 7th Jun 2021 19:26

Suggests a foster home?

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 7th Jun 2021 18:04

Both moving, and beautiful ?

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