My Point is Circular

My mouth took some months to bloom

My words took some weeks to flower

You and I do not speak different languages

We possess different meanings


“What is the curl of your tongue?

What is the grind of your teeth?

What is the bow in your brows?

What do you mean?”


Your bottom line is neat and fine

Your ballpoint pen bullet-proof



My point is a right wrong angle


My point is obtuse, round, circular?

My purpose is personal

Like a signature

Decoded differently by all



Is that what I mean?

No, you! Not me

“But didn’t she?

Doesn’t she?

Isn’t she?”


My pen wavers again

Yours has finished writing

Or maybe it never needed to begin

My claim is paper thin

With a sharpened pencil you can break its skin

You did


What did you mean?

What did you mean?

Did you mean it?


Oh, no.

I have twisted my argument into a poem

And someone else has into a haiku, crossword, word search…

I have mixed and muddled the letters of the ABC

That spelt out pain… pin… pan… piano

If you jumble them long enough they go away

What was I saying?


We all speak the same language

What you did was not okay

But we possess different meanings

You say: “All I’m guilty of is horseplay”

Horse… course… remorse…

Isn’t that foul play?

And why is it ‘play’ anyway?

Splay… slay… lay…


It goes on and on

Now, what do I mean by that?

Letters or predators?

Yes, worse than words

Ah, menacing meanings

Ask me what I mean!

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Tue 11th Jun 2019 23:32

Thank you so much for all of your comments. This poem is close to my heart.

And I'll try to post more, Graham!

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Mon 10th Jun 2019 16:34

Ah! and if I ask you will you tell me?
If you tell me then will I know?
And when I know will we then see
Eye to eye under the babel tree?

:) ><>

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Martin Elder

Mon 10th Jun 2019 09:10

This is a beautiful poem from the very beginning through to the end.
Nice one Alexandra

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Sun 9th Jun 2019 23:05

WOW that was amazing! Great work.

a contemplative poet,

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Sun 9th Jun 2019 21:34

Brilliant poetry and message! ?

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 9th Jun 2019 18:57

You starve us Alexandra. We need more work like yours here on WOL.

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